Monday, February 13, 2012

What's been going on...continued.

I had to work a few days last week, so one of those days my brother watched Isabelle for me. I came home to find them like this..

This past weekend, Bob's parents came to visit us and we had such a great time! They came to church with us and we went out to Five Guys for lunch. So much fun! Sadly, I didn't take any pictures though.

We also had our Women's ministry kickoff at church on Saturday. I am so glad there was lots of chocolate there because it saved the day for me. I was really stressed out from trying to get the house in order and get ready for company and be to the meeting on time, all with a little fussy girl clinging to my feet. I may or may not have broken out into tears over it! Now, of course, I see how ridiculous that was, but at the time I was a hot mess. Haha. So, again, thank God for the chocolate. (Which happened to be my idea if I remember correctly! God knew what I would need that day must be.) Again, no pictures because I am lame.

On Sunday, I got to play the drums again! Woo hoo! I managed to get through it, thankfully, without dying. Or messing up too terribly. Man, I'm a big girl. I'm excited though to tell Bobby that I drummed while being pregnant with him. I'm betting he'll think I'm the coolest Mom ever. (note to self: highly doubtful)

On Sunday, I was also blessed with yet another awesome gift from Lisa! (You are so my BFF now!) I got stuff to do a pedicure! Or, well actually, to have someone else do a pedicure on me since I can't really reach my feet. My awesome MIL got me started and rubbed my feet and manicured them, so now all III's gotta do is paint them. I didn't have nail polish remover, so he gets to bless me by painting my toenails. Good thing tomorrow is Valentine's Day, huh? I had actually been thinking that morning that I wished I could get another pedicure! YAY!! Thanks, Lisa!!
Awesome!! O.P. I. is a great brand! I'd never heard of it until I got a pedicure (courtesy of Michelle) back in December, and I'm amazed at how it doesn't chip at all!

Today was my 3 hour glucose test. Two more days until I find out if I can eat my normal amount of 2 pounds of sugar per day, or if I have to cut back to 1 pound a day. I joke.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Bobby's room.

My birthday present was the MSU bedding, and the blanket was given to us by Bobby's great grandma.

Brother now has Sissy's furniture.

The awesome wall that Jordan painted! The stickers on the wall were another birthday present for me.

The new spare room which has already had a few guests! I love having the basement organized! Look at those beautiful drums!
I just got home from the most stressful shopping trip I think I have ever been on. Isabelle was loud (which is hard for my introverted nature), tore up my lists to pieces, chewed her way through a box of mac and cheese, and wanted to be held the entire time, while waving to anyone who would pay attention to her. Cute, but wow.

Well, time to run close for now. Screaming baby, groceries to be put away, messy house to tend to, and work tomorrow. That's what I have to look forward to.

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