Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rhythm and Blues (and other shades, too)

**Note to the dudes who read this blog--this post is totally random and shallow, so you will likely want to just skip it after the video...haha!)

Lately I've noticed that the musical influence that the workplace has had on my husband has been a little-how do I say this nicely-ridiculous?! HA! He is liking all sorts of songs that he normally wouldn't, and I am finding it both amusing and troubling at the same time. He has a newly found particular fondness for rhythm and blues. Not the GOOD kind of rhythm and blues, either. The straight up g-h-e-t-t-o kind! What in the world?! There's even an "Artist" that he likes whose first name is also a slang term for "peeing." Yep, that's...well, I can't think of an appropriate word. I will say though that when I saw this--I couldn't help but think it was adorable.
Daddy and daughter dancing...love!

I sent my favorite a wishlist today..for makeup. I laughed when I pictured how he might react to seeing it, and told him it would be for those times he wants to spoil me rotten. I think he probably died seeing the prices and inappropriate names of some shades! LOL

I've never tried Clinique foundation before. I always buy the cheap stuff from the local grocery store. (That's why it's a wish list, right?!)

L'Oreal Silverstone Lipstick (looks pretty)

NARS Orgasm blush (yep, that's the name.)

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Apparently the topic of makeup has been a big one lately, and some of these shades are all the rave right now. Both Kelly and Angie wrote about it recently, which is nice timing. (They are two of my favorite bloggers, and yes I realize it's crazy to enjoy reading strangers blogs. Heh..)

Let's see..other randoms:

1. I passed my 3 hour glucose test. Whew!
2. I have 10 weeks left until I pop. Time is flying! I'm already starting to daydream about the day I go into labor and wonder what it'll be like since Bob will probably be at work. AHHH!!
3. Isabelle says Daddy now. At least it sounds like it to me.
4. Isabelle took 4 naps yesterday and wasn't feeling well. She wouldn't let me put her down. I think it's her teeth. She's working on cutting a 3rd molar I think, and 2 more bottom teeth. 
5. Isabelle hasn't been doing as well with sleeping in her own bed the past few nights. I've gotta get back on that.
6. Isabelle loves to smack my belly. I tell her to quit hitting her brother. It starts early. The cute thing though is that when I ask her where her belly is, she points to it. Again, not something I taught her, but adorable!
7. She loves her kazoo. The other day when she was crying and mad that I wouldn't pick her up, she got her kazoo and "cried" into it to get my attention. It worked.
8. I have to go, cause this is what she's up to at the moment.

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