Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013-More or Less!

This has been a blessed year for our family, as has every year that God has given us life! We have so many things to be thankful for! One year ago today, December 31st, we found out that God had added another baby to our family! I will always cherish New Year's Eve because of that reason. To read about that, check out THIS post.

We celebrated Isabelle's 2nd birthday and Bobby's 1st birthday

God blessed us with a wonderful place to live out in the country near our families!
(Check out THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS)

We got ourselves a dog!

We took a wonderful family vacation to Niagara Falls

We celebrated 7 years of marriage!

We've celebrated life with our beloved church family, and learned to love Jesus (and people who don't know him) more this year.

As 2014 begins, I have several goals for this year:
  •  To love and serve Jesus more than ever before.
  •  To love and serve my husband more than ever before.
  • To teach my children more about Jesus
  •  To be more intentional about sharing the hope that I have found because of Jesus
  • Finally, to weigh about 20 pounds less because there has to be one selfish goal in there, right?!

Psalm 27:4---The Bible verse (and song) I'm currently teaching my babies just might be our family theme for 2014.

To behold the beauty of our Lord, is there anything more precious? I think not.

 Note: we are working on correct pronunciations. Yes, she does say booty instead of beauty.

HAPPY 2014!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ilya is 4 Months Old!

Baby Sweetie Ilya is four months old! She's such a delightful baby. She is such a treasure! Here are some things to remember at this stage in her life:

She has her next doctor appointment in January and I'll find out her weight, etc then. 

She sleeps through the night a couple times a week. 

She is wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 months clothes finally!

She smiles and coos a lot, but only if she's being interacted with. She lights right up!

She still loves swaddling and her baby swing. 

She did try out some formula a couple times and did fine. Hopefully that won't be happening too much. 

She had a little wardrobe malfunction on Christmas Day. Oops!

We treasure our baby girl and thank God for her!

Christmas Parties 2013-Part 2

The ice storm on our anniversary really took its toll on our families this week. Our parents were without power for most of the week. (In fact, it's Saturday morning and some are still without power.) We were blessed to have power, so we were happy to host our parties.

One of my favorite things about the party with Bob's family is the homemade eggnog Sue makes every year! It's so delicious!

Sweet niece, S.

Our party with Bob's family happened a lot earlier in the evening than is typical. I wondered how the little ones would do staying awake so late. Thankfully, we didn't have to find out this year, which is probably good. As you can see, it was probably only 7pm in this picture and Bobby was already getting cranky. Who knows what kind of meltdowns would have happened at 10pm!!

I love her sweet little face. My kids love their uncles.

Ivan caught the tree before it fell over. This tree happened to fall over a few times this year, so it was taken down before 9am on the 26th. Stupid thing.

Last year, Bobby was only 7 months old at Christmas time, so he had a lot of fun opening presents. Well, actually, he had a lot of fun standing on his presents.

Present opened. Still wanted to stand on it.

Christmas Day we went to Bob's grandparents for a few hours.

My matching girls, Bobby and me, Rachel and Emery, and cousin Crystal and Vincent.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Parties 2013-Part 1

We've had a wonderful, yet busy week celebrating Christmas with our families. To get things started, Bob and the kids frosted sugar cookies and danced to Christmas music.

Saturday, the 21st, we had a party with Sue's side of the family. All the grand-kids wore the outfits Becky bought them. When it came time for pictures, they weren't having it.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to a major ice storm! We ended up losing power for about 18 hours and stayed overnight with one of Bob's sisters. The kids and I slept in the basement  Bob slept outside.

Sunday happened to be our anniversary, too, so with all the chaos of no power and sick relatives, we had to cancel our plans. (We will reschedule though, believe me!) One thing I love about Bob is that he always jumps in to help. This older woman was struggling to move the branches out of the road.

Christmas Eve morning, my parents and brother and his kids came over. I made biscuits and gravy and we just had a great time. It was nearly perfect. One of my brothers didn't make it, so that was disappointing.

Boxes were a big hit for Bobby this year.

These two princesses and I baked cookies together. It was a very special day!