Saturday, September 28, 2013

One Month Old

Ilya is a month old! Here are some stats:
She now weighs 7 lbs. 7 oz. and is 21 inches long. She eats every 2 to 3 hours and is a great sleeper. She is wearing newborn size clothes and newborn size diapers. She likes her swing, car seat, bouncy seat and sling. She is a very easy baby, thank God! Very few things seem to upset her. I've noticed that anytime her hat falls over her eyes she gets really upset. I'd say even more upset than when she is hungry or needs to be changed. It's quite funny. She is now starting to look more intently at us. She's very strong and can easily lift her head. So far, she likes car rides. She loves to be swaddled. When she is fussy, I usually wrap her tightly and that calms her down almost immediately. She is such a sweet baby and we are thankful God added her to our family! 

Here is Isabelle's 1 month picture. 

Something really neat I wanted to mention, the meaning of Ilya's name.
When we were trying to decide on a name for Isabelle I wanted a name that meant Jesus is Lord. I had a name picked out, however Bob didn't like it at all. So, I just dropped it. After Ilya was born, my mom and stepdad started looking up the meaning of her Russian name. Here's what they found:

Isn't it amazing how God worked that out?! I couldn't be happier about that and I know it isn't a coincidence! What a great statement for our family: we've chosen to make Jesus Lord of our lives. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Finally Friday!

Thank God, Friday has arrived! We have a fun weekend planned and I'm so excited because it's been a long week! 

Obviously this little sweetie is observant. I was changing Ilya's diaper and looked over and saw her doing this. 

She's also very helpful! She was trying to get Bobby's shoes on him so they could go outside. I was surprised he actually complied. 

Poor girl had a rough Thursday. She woke up in the morning complaining of a stomach ache. She cried for a few hours in the morning but didn't really get sick until she woke up from her nap. Poor girl had a flu-like bug. Thankfully she seems better today!

I think I may have completely lost my mind. Not only am I caring for three children under three years old, one of whom is potty-training, but I am joining the cloth diapering band wagon. This oughtta be interesting. 

The leaves are starting to change colors. It's another great reminder to thank God for this season of life!

Mall and Family Visits

It's hard to believe that a month ago Bobby was only crawling. Now he's walking all over the place and even climbing on stuff. He loves climbing over the back of the couch between it and the window. I think he would stay up there for hours if I'd let him.

Sweet little sisters. I'm so thankful to know that these two will grow up with each other. I didn't have a sister and always wished I did. (Sidenote: I have two adoptive sisters, but it isn't the same). 

Little buddy likes to take Ilya's blanket. I thought it was so cute how he took it and fell asleep with it.

On Monday, we went to the mall with Rae and Emery. The kids had a great time playing on the kids structures. Isabelle even made a little friend.

Afterwards, we went to Olga's for lunch. Bobby was so hungry he had a meltdown like I haven't seen before. I thought he was getting sick or something, but it turned out he was just hungry.

Bellie decided to try out her little playmate. She was drawing on paper and thought Ilya should too. It was funny to see Ilya grip the pen.

The kids fight over the baby swing every day. I brought down the mini swing to help resolve some of the fighting.

On Wednesday morning, my grandma and her husband came over to see the kids. It was a fun time. 

Can you tell we are potty training around here?

Wednesday night, my youngest brother came over to see Ilya. Isabelle and Bobby had fun playing with him, too. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Doctor Visits

We finally found a great pediatrician now that we've been back "home" for 11 months. The kids had their first checkup yesterday. Bellie weighed 27.1lbs (at 32 months) and Bobby weighed 25.9lbs (at 16 months). Bobby is quite a bit behind on his vaccination so he got 4 shots and needs 4 more next month to catch up. Bellie only had 1 shot and both got the flu vaccine. I was glad to get them checked and thankful that they are both healthy. The doctor did mention she heard a slight murmur in Bellie's heart, but that's common in 50% of children. 

After our appointment, we headed to Bob's parents house. Bellie picked apples to give to the horses. 

Bobby wanted in on the apple action. 

Dad had chocolate on his sleeve and Bellie kept licking it! That's my girl. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week in Pictures

Bellie and Bobby have taken a real interest in their baby sister. I have to watch Bellie carefully because she likes to pick up the baby.

Reading with Daddy. 

My mom has been helping me in the evenings a couple times a week. Here she is with her two youngest grand girls. 

My dad has been helping me during the day. The kids are having lots of fun with him. I'm so thankful for our families who help us so much!

Like her Daddy. 

I laid Ilya on the couch and Bellie laid her baby on the other couch. 

Photoshoot of our baby girl. 

Gotta loves baby girl outfits!

Ilya's first trip to the music store with Aunt Becky. 

Sunday afternoon nap

Bellie's name game. 

Bobby "holding" Ilya (or as he calls her, Lala)

Watching Football. 

More playing with Grandpa and cousin Isaiah. 

Even Isaiah helped me vacuum. 

Love how they both were sleeping with their hands by their faces. 

Bellie went on a date with Grandma and was spoiled with LOTS of Dora gifts!! Here she is holding her new umbrella while waiting for breakfast.