Saturday, February 21, 2015


Can you imagine the aroma that filled the living room? Side note: No, I did not give her a huge jar of pickles to eat. She happened to help herself to them.

Always fun to watch the kids play together

 The kids won't leave Lucy's food alone. It would've helped if Lucy would've actually eaten her food.

Ilya loves to wear shoes and boots. Whenever we go somewhere, she's always the first to go get her boots from the shelf. She even puts them on herself. She also likes to wear other peoples shoes. She found Bobby's boots and put them on. 

There is no surface that is too high for my kids. It's ridiculous. They climb on everything and get into everything. Isabelle climbed onto the dishwasher and made Bobby push her over to the cupboard so she could get a toothpick. (She also used a chair to get into the medicine cabinet in the bathroom while I was on the phone. She got the new box of band-aids down and I keep finding them stuck to different things. I found about ten on Bobby's legs.)

Our friend Rose sent Isabelle a valentine. She loved her stickers!

Friday night Bob went to a Pistons game, so the kids and I had a nice, relaxing night at home. We watched about 20 minutes of Charlie and the Chocolate factory until they got bored with it. I had a lot of laundry to work on upstairs and the kids played up there for awhile until it was dark outside and they thought I was going to make them go to bed. They asked if they could go back downstairs and watch a show. So, I let them and when I checked on them, they had covered themselves up with a blanket and laid themselves down on the couch. They were asleep quickly!

Speaking of sleeping, the kids are finally doing a great job of sleeping in their own beds all night. They do come in to my room sometimes and I get up and put them back in their beds. I feel like this is a huge accomplishment though! Isabelle woke up this morning (Saturday) at 6:15 saying she was hungry. I got up with her and gave her some breakfast. Now she's out while the others are playing around her. Too funny!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

February Fun


Pretend she is holding a sucker

Same here

Isabelle had her appointment with the pediatric GI specialist this week. They are doing more blood work to rule out Crohn's disease, Irritable Bowel syndrome, check for more food allergies, and numerous other tests. In about a month, she'll have a lactose breath test. Hopefully, we'll get some answers. She had to have her blood drawn and she flipped out! Screaming, kicking, etc. Poor sweetie was terrified. She got to have a happy meal treat when it was all over.

I'm no longer a smart phone user! I have gone back to the boring side. I will say that I forgot how great it is to have a battery that lasts so long! I do miss my camera though. (Thanks for my new cup, Christina!)

Little buddy has been sick with a cold (runny nose, cough) for the last few days. This morning he woke up around 6:30am and when I met him in the hallway he said he had puked on the floor. I can't find where he did though! I think he was starting to get sick when I picked him up and ran downstairs with him and I don't think he actually had thrown up yet. Unfortunately, he did throw up about 4 times after that though. He was feeling better by the afternoon. Side note, in this picture you can see where his tooth is starting to turn black. He ran into the back of a little girl's head at church recently and knocked his tooth out of alignment. Looks like he has some nerve damage. I'll be taking him in to see the dentist in March.

Ilya is at a really fun stage right now. She tries to repeat everything we say. She has the cutest laugh. She is a climber! She can even wiggle out of her high chair straps to stand up. She keeps me on my toes.