Thursday, September 7, 2017

Party Pics

Celebrating our little 4 year old sweetie pie!

Had to laugh at this text my 10 year old niece sent me!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday, Ilya!

Happy Fourth Birthday, Ilya Sue!!!

You are such a lovely little girl. You are feisty, funny, and just plain fun.


 You say your favorite food is cake and McDonald's. HA! Your favorite color is red. Your favorite toy is your baby doll. You love shoes and often wear mismatched pairs. You had a pair of Spiderman sandals that you had outgrown a long time ago, but couldn't depart with. You finally love to wear dresses like your big sister. You are very opinionated about your outfits. You'd choose long pants and shirts every day during the hot summer if I'd let you.

You love to make people laugh. When taking these pictures, you kept saying you were five. I had to trick you to get you to hold up four fingers! (You did this last year, too.)

When I ask you what you want to be when you grow up you say you want to tell jokes like Bryan (the morning show guy on the radio) and a mom and grandma.  You're very sweet-natured and love taking care of your dolls and baby brother. Usually you play the grandma when you and your siblings play house.

We love you, little Illie Billie. We're so thankful God placed you in our care. Our prayer for you will always be that you grow to love Jesus more every day.

To see how much she's grown since her 2nd birthday, click here.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Coffee and Cuteness

A few days ago, Isabelle kept begging me to teach her how to brew the coffee. I finally gave in and let her learn so she can make a nice pot for her daddy and me. She's getting so big!

These two babies wanted to sit on my lap when they awoke one morning. I need a bigger lap!

One morning, Bobby and Isabelle weren't getting along while playing together outside. Bob was upstairs and heard Isabelle call her brother "dumb". After timeout, I was asking her about it..

Me: Isabelle, why did you call your brother "dumb"?
Isabelle: Well, he called me a bad name!
Me: What did he call you?
Isabelle: He called me "Mrs."!

Bobby: Well, you called me "OLD MAN"!
Isabelle: YOU called me "OLD WOMAN"!!

Noble loves his sisters! He was leaning on Isabelle and kept switching between holding hands with Isabelle and Ilya.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Introducing Noble Silas (Almost 2 years later!)

Due to my lack of blogging for the past two plus years, I realized that I hadn't documented the birth of our fourth (but really, our sixth) baby! AH!! First a little background...

When I was about 32 weeks along, Bob and I had a planned trip to New Orleans for a conference. The day before we were to leave, I had started having some complications from placenta previa. Thankfully, later in the day I was doing better and decided to proceed with our plans. Sure enough, a few days after we arrived, my complications returned and I ended up in a hospital for 8 days. It was a long 8 days. I spent time doing homework, taking school exams, and even a little art project for the kids. I'm not very good at art, so I was embarrassed to have a picture taken. LOL

We finally made the long trip home via car and since I was put on bed rest, we moved in with my sister-in-law for two weeks. After those two weeks were up, my complications had improved enough so that we could move back home. A week later, on Friday morning, October 16th, once again, those complications returned. We dropped the kids off to my sister-in-law, and headed to the hospital. I was given an emergency C-section and at 2:18pm (and 36 weeks, 2 days) little Noble Silas Carpenter was born!

Here's the first picture of our four children together!!!

Life Lately

Last week we celebrated cousins Emery and August's birthdays with a family dinner. Hard to believe Emery is five years old already! Little Gus-Gus, her littlest brother, turned a year old.

Every Friday morning, the garbage collectors come. The kids drop everything they're doing to go to the window to watch and say hello. I think the men enjoy it just as much as the kids do, because they honk when they pull up and when they leave now. It's pretty cute to watch.

Sunday morning band practice starts at 7:15. Some of us handle the early morning better than others!

Who needs a sandbox when you can just play in the dirt in the driveway? These kids are still pretty cute even when they're covered in dirt.

These little babies know how to make a total mess. This day they wanted to make some hot chocolate. They were pretty proud of their accomplishment.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dentist (Not-so) Fun

We've been to the dentist a lot lately. Too many times, in fact. Each kid went for their cleaning and then had to return for fillings, etc. Not only that, but Ilya and Bobby were seen at my dentist and then referred to a pediatric dentist for follow-up. Did I mention I hate going to the dentist?  Here's Ilya before her latest appointment..

...and here she is after her appointment. She was so funny...she had to be sedated and was pretty loopy afterward. She said, "Mommy, put your face down have two eyes and two noses."

I was scrolling through pictures on my phone and came across these ones of Isabelle and Bobby flossing their teeth one day while waiting for me in the van. I'm guessing Ilya took the pictures?!

This is good news, really. It appears all the extra work Bob and I have been putting in on brushing/flossing etc is starting to pay off! Our daily brushing routine has become quite the event now. Let's just say dental work is pretty expensive! Hopefully we'll get some better reports next time!