Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dentist (Not-so) Fun

We've been to the dentist a lot lately. Too many times, in fact. Each kid went for their cleaning and then had to return for fillings, etc. Not only that, but Ilya and Bobby were seen at my dentist and then referred to a pediatric dentist for follow-up. Did I mention I hate going to the dentist?  Here's Ilya before her latest appointment..

...and here she is after her appointment. She was so funny...she had to be sedated and was pretty loopy afterward. She said, "Mommy, put your face down have two eyes and two noses."

I was scrolling through pictures on my phone and came across these ones of Isabelle and Bobby flossing their teeth one day while waiting for me in the van. I'm guessing Ilya took the pictures?!

This is good news, really. It appears all the extra work Bob and I have been putting in on brushing/flossing etc is starting to pay off! Our daily brushing routine has become quite the event now. Let's just say dental work is pretty expensive! Hopefully we'll get some better reports next time!

Fun at Aunt Rae's!

Aunt Rae got a new pony named Lucky and the kids had a great time playing with him and taking turns going for a ride. This pony is 27 years old and so great with children. He's the perfect size for them.

We love Uncle Jordan!

Uncle Jordan came over for dinner recently. The kids loved getting to play with him. I'm not sure who had more fun though....

Mother's Day 2017 Picture

For Mother's Day, I had the kids first professional picture taken. I did learn that it's just as hard for a professional photographer to get four young kids to look and smile at the same time as it is for me! So, I will be doing their pictures from now on and it will save me a lot of money! Ha!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ilya Sue!!

Happy 2nd birthday, Ilya Sue!!!
It's hard to believe our baby girl is 2 years old! (Although, terrible two's showed up earlier than necessary!)

 Ilya is such a sweet, yet feisty, little girl. There's not a lot that she's afraid of right now. She's a very busy little girl. I often find her climbing on the furniture or getting into the water in the bathroom sink.

She doesn't hold still for very long. That explains why most of these pictures are of her just being her. 

She has beautiful curls and is just a pretty little girl.

She is noisy, too! HA! She talks very well for her age. I think she speaks more than her siblings did at two. Smart little cookie.

I said "Illie, how old are you going to be?" and she said "2!" with all her fingers up. haha

This is how I knew we were both done trying to get these pictures for her big day!

We thank God for creating this little life and placing her into our care. 

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