Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, What a Night.

That medley makes me want to just dance and shout!!!

Last night was a late night for one 13 month old little girl that I know. She fell asleep briefly when her dad got home, but as soon as he tried laying her down in her bed she started crying and was then wide awake. I had tried to get her to take a nap in there yesterday, too, but the same thing happened. I'm not sure why we've taken a huge step backwards in getting her to sleep in her bed. It was 11pm and she was awake and cheerful and wanted to play. Finally at 1am, I gave up and took her back to our room (we'd been downstairs so that at least III could sleep) hoping she'd go to sleep. Well, nice hopes. She started being noisy and trying to jump on the bed (that's one of her favorite activities to do with her dad). It was kind of cute. So, back downstairs we went. She finally caved in a little after 2am.
I'm not sure why this happened. It's not like her naps were unusual yesterday. She only took two, one of which was 30 minutes and the other almost two hours. Maybe she was extra rested after her 4 naps the day before (which turns out I was right.....she was cutting another molar.) Anyway, here's how our morning is starting off....
Don't worry, kid, I'm right there with ya.
On a totally separate note, a week from tomorrow we start a new Beth Moore bible study. I absolutely LOVE her and am so thankful that God uses her in the lives of women. She is extraordinary. I've done several of her studies and each one has been a blessing to me. I'll be leading the first couple weeks of the study at my church, and I'm looking forward to it. We've got a lot of women signed up, too, praise God!

 Here are a couple other studies I'm excited to do. These aren't by Beth Moore, but rather by the Women of Faith ladies. I'm only a couple lessons in on one of them and I can already tell they are great. I'm always thankful for these types of resources.

Useful for ANY woman

Ideal for learning how to have lasting friendships, not just topical, which I struggle with.

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  1. 2am!!! I would be such a cranky momma the next day!! Hopefully you have a nice, easy, relaxing day today!!