Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lesson Learned

plus about 7 hours equals...

My 3rd outfit covered in puke

Yesterday was a rough day at our house. Sunday night I poured Isabelle a sippy cup of milk around 11pm and she didn't drink it. I put it on the end table and we fell asleep on the couch. When she woke up at 6am, she saw it and wanted it. So, I felt it and it still felt a little cool and didn't stink so I let her drink it. HUGE mistake. After 4 puking episodes and Daddy coming home early to take care of BOTH of us, she's doing much better. Man, I feel terrible!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday!

We've had a great weekend. Thanks to the snowstorm, Bob was able to come home early on Friday afternoon and didn't have to work on Saturday. It was so wonderful! I miss my husband so much during the week and things just always seem so much more peaceful when he's home with me. I've been thinking all morning about the ways in which he served me this weekend. He let me sleep in on Saturday, made ALL my meals, did laundry, loaded the dishwasher, picked up the kitchen, gave the baby all her baths..I know I'm forgetting some. He really is such a great friend and husband to me!

Here's a cute Isababy video to start the week off..

Update on baby gear list:

Look what my mom is getting for us! Woo hoo!
We spent a lot of time watching Superhero movies this weekend! (Thanks, JH!) I have to say that I really enjoyed them-- when I could stay awake that is. I am not a huge movie person, but I always appreciate films that aren't vulgar, so these are entertaining for me.

Isabelle's "sleeping in her own bed" didn't go very well this weekend. I took the mattress out of her crib and put it on our floor in our bedroom. Friday night I ended up sleeping with her on it for half the night. Lemme just say that that is the most uncomfortable place to sleep when 8 months pregnant. The second night we ended up on the couch downstairs. So, we'll keep trying even though I'm so ready to give up. I did find out that she likes her new bed though as long as she doesn't have to sleep in it. Stinker!

Lastly, I just have to say that my floors are so unclean that you can literally eat off them.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby List

I think the nesting mode has definitely set in. My mind is constantly daydreaming about the things I need to get done before the baby comes. I only have a little over 9 weeks left! I'm so relieved that the nursery is pretty much complete. We have been so blessed to have been given a TON of baby boy clothes from some friends from church. The dresser is chuck full of clothes and there's a stack of boxes along the wall full of more clothes! With both our babies, God has blessed us immensely with the gift of clothing. The only clothing item that we've had to buy is that winter coat mentioned in my last post. Wow! (That reminds me of another way God blessed me with clothing....a few years ago, my SIL Hez knew that I wasn't able to buy some clothing that I needed, so she prayed for me, and out of nowhere I was given several bags and boxes of clothes and shoes and purses...it was amazing!)

The other night I decided to make a list of things I need to get still, and I was shocked that the list was so small. We are truly blessed.

I had a cousin die of SIDS in 1996, so I'm slightly obsessed with making sure that everything will be safe for my boy. I've seen a couple people use this newborn rocker sleeper for their infants, and the fact that it has the baby sleep in an upright position makes it a must have for me!

I have always wanted to have a baby monitor movement sensor system for any boy child God might give me. This will ease a lot of anxiety for me, I know.

This pillow is something I think will help me during the nighttime feedings. It'll give me the convenience of staying in my warm bed (!) and help me to be awake enough to lay him back in his sleeper so that we don't do the co-sleeping thing again. Don't get me wrong, I loved the convenience of it, but I think it's best that I not do that again because of the transition issues I've had with Isabelle.
I've gotta get a double stroller!! One with a big basket, too, for my multiple diaper bags I may have to carry.

Some other things I need to get done before baby comes: (these are fun)
  • Pack the diaper bag for Bobby
  • Pack the diaper bag for Isabelle
  • Pack my hospital bag
  • Pre-register at the hospital
  • Finalize plans for Isabelle during the hospital stay
  • Wash bottles (hopefully not needed) and "milk-harvester" parts (HA!)
  • Sew curtains and diaper stacker for Bobby's room
  • Pick out a Bible verse for the wall in Bobby's room.
  • Buy and paint wooden letters of Bobby's name and hang them up with cute football ribbon from Wal-mart, Joann's or Meijer.

 Now for the other "not so fun" list of household chores to be done:
  • Organize cupboards in kitchen
  • Deep clean a few more times
  • Get Isabelle's room back in order (she has no crib or dresser at the moment, but we have both being given to us in the near future)
  • Make sure the house is cleaned every night before going to bed for the final 2-3 weeks.
  • Make a few freezer meals for convenience.
Time's going to fly by, I just know it. Feels like yesterday was just September 2nd and I found out I was pregnant. I can't wait to hold my sweet boy!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

**Update: My sweet SILs called me last night to let me know they are going to join me in not eating sugar for the next 10 weeks as well, so I don't have to do it alone! Is that not the coolest thing ever?! Bobby said "Now that's how a family should be!" Amen, husband! Thank you, Hez and Beck! Love you girls!

Isabelle was so tired from her lack of sleep the night before that around 7 o'clock last night, she just laid down on the couch next to me and watched Wheel of Fortune (she likes it!).

Today I had another prenatal appointment. I'm measuring 31 weeks (I'm 30w4d) and the baby is head down. Whew! I met with a doctor that I hadn't seen before. He's the veteran of the office, so he doesn't deliver babies anymore from what I've been told. He just handles appointments. We talked about my 3 hour glucose test and the fact that I passed it, but he told me he wants me to cut out sugar for the remainder of my pregnancy. I think I literally felt all the blood rush out of my head as he was telling me no more cake, cookies, chocolate, cupcakes, candies, sweets, etc. All I could think of was "good thing I ate those 6 packzis earlier this week". I literally don't know how I'm going to survive the next 10 weeks. Ok, maybe I exaggerate, but for real.

After my appointment, we headed to the lab located in the same building to get Isabelle's blood drawn. I have been putting this off since her birthday. The doctor said I had until she was 15 months old, so I wanted to wait as long as possible. However, I decided to tackle it today. It seriously wasn't that bad, but I wanted to cry. She screamed, I bear hugged her, one nurse held her arm and another drew her blood. As soon as it was over, she just laid her head on my shoulder and stopped crying. Poor sweetie. I'm just glad it's done. I hear a lot of stories from my MIL about how hard it can be to draw blood on children, and I wanted to be as helpful to the nurses as possible, while trying to not cry. Tough!
After our doctor and lab visits, we went grocery shopping (which the doctor even suggested I get done before the snow storm that's coming---kinda fatherly guy...he was sweet). Isabelle was so tired that she fell asleep in her car seat. 
She looks so big now!
We've switched her to the big girl car seats recently, so I no longer have the convenience of putting her into the infant one and carrying her in. (This means I get to bring the stroller with me at all times now). I think she was so traumatized from getting her blood drawn that she literally just passed out!! I laid her in the cart and she slept the whole time I shopped. Good thing her new coat ($1.50 at GCH Thriftstore--score!) is thick!

One thing I did notice was that it definitely helps save money when you have a sleeping baby in the cart bed, cause you don't have much room to put groceries in. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, What a Night.

That medley makes me want to just dance and shout!!!

Last night was a late night for one 13 month old little girl that I know. She fell asleep briefly when her dad got home, but as soon as he tried laying her down in her bed she started crying and was then wide awake. I had tried to get her to take a nap in there yesterday, too, but the same thing happened. I'm not sure why we've taken a huge step backwards in getting her to sleep in her bed. It was 11pm and she was awake and cheerful and wanted to play. Finally at 1am, I gave up and took her back to our room (we'd been downstairs so that at least III could sleep) hoping she'd go to sleep. Well, nice hopes. She started being noisy and trying to jump on the bed (that's one of her favorite activities to do with her dad). It was kind of cute. So, back downstairs we went. She finally caved in a little after 2am.
I'm not sure why this happened. It's not like her naps were unusual yesterday. She only took two, one of which was 30 minutes and the other almost two hours. Maybe she was extra rested after her 4 naps the day before (which turns out I was right.....she was cutting another molar.) Anyway, here's how our morning is starting off....
Don't worry, kid, I'm right there with ya.
On a totally separate note, a week from tomorrow we start a new Beth Moore bible study. I absolutely LOVE her and am so thankful that God uses her in the lives of women. She is extraordinary. I've done several of her studies and each one has been a blessing to me. I'll be leading the first couple weeks of the study at my church, and I'm looking forward to it. We've got a lot of women signed up, too, praise God!

 Here are a couple other studies I'm excited to do. These aren't by Beth Moore, but rather by the Women of Faith ladies. I'm only a couple lessons in on one of them and I can already tell they are great. I'm always thankful for these types of resources.

Useful for ANY woman

Ideal for learning how to have lasting friendships, not just topical, which I struggle with.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paczki Day 2012

Here's the extra long line that my favorite stood in for an hour in 35 degree weather after having drove to Hamtramck during his lunch hour! I owe him big time!!

Hooray, it's FAT TUESDAY! Mmmm...delish paczkis. My favorite is bringing me a couple home. (Thanks for standing in the extremely long line for your preggo woman's craving! You're the absolute best there is!)
You are so beautiful to me.

You're everything I hoped for...

You're everything I need..

Come to Mama..

I have dominion over you.

Is that an Oreo?!? I'm going to pass out.

Pink Snow Angel

Rhythm and Blues (and other shades, too)

**Note to the dudes who read this blog--this post is totally random and shallow, so you will likely want to just skip it after the video...haha!)

Lately I've noticed that the musical influence that the workplace has had on my husband has been a little-how do I say this nicely-ridiculous?! HA! He is liking all sorts of songs that he normally wouldn't, and I am finding it both amusing and troubling at the same time. He has a newly found particular fondness for rhythm and blues. Not the GOOD kind of rhythm and blues, either. The straight up g-h-e-t-t-o kind! What in the world?! There's even an "Artist" that he likes whose first name is also a slang term for "peeing." Yep, that's...well, I can't think of an appropriate word. I will say though that when I saw this--I couldn't help but think it was adorable.
Daddy and daughter dancing...love!

I sent my favorite a wishlist today..for makeup. I laughed when I pictured how he might react to seeing it, and told him it would be for those times he wants to spoil me rotten. I think he probably died seeing the prices and inappropriate names of some shades! LOL

I've never tried Clinique foundation before. I always buy the cheap stuff from the local grocery store. (That's why it's a wish list, right?!)

L'Oreal Silverstone Lipstick (looks pretty)

NARS Orgasm blush (yep, that's the name.)

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Apparently the topic of makeup has been a big one lately, and some of these shades are all the rave right now. Both Kelly and Angie wrote about it recently, which is nice timing. (They are two of my favorite bloggers, and yes I realize it's crazy to enjoy reading strangers blogs. Heh..)

Let's see..other randoms:

1. I passed my 3 hour glucose test. Whew!
2. I have 10 weeks left until I pop. Time is flying! I'm already starting to daydream about the day I go into labor and wonder what it'll be like since Bob will probably be at work. AHHH!!
3. Isabelle says Daddy now. At least it sounds like it to me.
4. Isabelle took 4 naps yesterday and wasn't feeling well. She wouldn't let me put her down. I think it's her teeth. She's working on cutting a 3rd molar I think, and 2 more bottom teeth. 
5. Isabelle hasn't been doing as well with sleeping in her own bed the past few nights. I've gotta get back on that.
6. Isabelle loves to smack my belly. I tell her to quit hitting her brother. It starts early. The cute thing though is that when I ask her where her belly is, she points to it. Again, not something I taught her, but adorable!
7. She loves her kazoo. The other day when she was crying and mad that I wouldn't pick her up, she got her kazoo and "cried" into it to get my attention. It worked.
8. I have to go, cause this is what she's up to at the moment.