Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ilya is 9 Months!

Ilya Sue is 9 months old! Here are a few things to remember about her at this age.
She weighs 16 pounds, 10 ounces (14%), is 27.5 inches tall (49%) and her head circumference is 45 (78%). She is a little girl with a Crandall head.

She is sitting up on her own for longer periods of time every day. She isn't pulling herself up on furniture or crawling yet, but I'm sure it won't be long. If she wants to get somewhere, she just rolls over there. She still doesn't have any teeth, but she does have her first cold, and the doctor said she thinks she's working on cutting a tooth. 

She is wearing size 9-12 months clothes and size 2 diaper. She  still catnaps throughout the day, but has been sleeping through the night. She has been eating yogurt, cereal, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, pears, and carrots. I have been giving her eggs so that she could feed herself and she loves them. (The doctor told me that she shouldn't have eggs until after 12 months. Oops. The doctor suggested giving her cheerios now, so I started those today. I was holding off on that because she doesn't have teeth yet, but they said she can still have them. Ilya is a fan of Cheerios.)

These two hams are her favorite entertainment. She loves these two. Nobody makes her laugh like Isabelle does. I have made a fool of myself several times trying to get her to laugh and she looks at me like I'm a moron. Isabelle just goes and yells in her face and Ilya thinks she's hilarious. 

She says dada and makes lots of baby noises. She loves to scream right now. It's a happy scream though. She also makes a lot of baby monster noises. It's very cute. She plays with toys and is very curious about the things around her. She is just starting to get stranger anxiety. She loves to rock back and forth and jump up and down in the exersaucer. She smiles a lot! 

She's such a sweet little girl and I'm glad she's our baby!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fun Start to the Holiday Weekend

I was browsing through my blog this week and realized that we have had our dog Lucy for a year now. It was fun to look at the old pictures and see how much both the kids and the dog have grown since last May. Lucy has been a pretty good dog. I don't really like dogs, but she's ok.

Silly buddy has been all about sunglasses this week. One night he even slept with the pair he got from Bob's work. He usually puts them on upside down.

One convenient thing about a portable potty chair is that it really does go everywhere.

Friday night Bob came home from work a few hours early and we were trying to think of something fun to do. We decided on taking the boat out, and got all packed up and then found out the battery was dead. So, we changed plans and went to a local park and out for ice cream (1st!) and then dinner. It was a fun, spontaneous night for our family. Lucy thought she'd get to go, too. She climbed in the back and laid down and I almost didn't see her. Silly dog.

Daddy was teaching them how to spit into the water. HA!

I snapped this picture about 2 seconds before her pants completely fell down. Poor kid is so skinny that a lot of her pants are too big for her.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Community Youth Day

My sister-in-law is a Veterinarian and every year the clinic she works for has a day for families to come visit the animals. We went last year, but for some reason I don't have any pictures of it. So, this year I do.

Checking out the frog. All three weren't quite sure about it.

Isabelle, Bobby and their cousin, Emery.
One of the items in the gift bag was a stethoscope. The kids have had alot of fun checking out each other.

Emery's stethoscope was hard at work. Almost every animal she saw she checked out.

The Mooville Ice Cream was a big hit for everyone! We noticed that the area was very quiet because everyone was eating ice cream.

The gift bag was full of lots of goodies. The crayons and coloring book came in handy because we were ready for them to sit down for a few minutes! Sue and I did a lot of chasing! (oh...and Ilya even sat upright for an extended period of time! That was the longest period so far.)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bobby's Thomas the Train Birthday Party

Today we had our family birthday party for Bobby. It was originally scheduled for last weekend, but I postponed it because the stomach flu hit all of us and our extended families last week. Bobby loves Thomas the Train so I started looking on Pinterest a few months ago for ideas. I found this snack train idea and thought it'd be perfect. I liked how it turned out. It was also on the kids level so they wouldn't stay out of it! The Oreos were gone almost before the party started and I had opened them about 10 minutes before.

I had wanted to have the party outside, but it was rainy and somewhat chilly. Last weekend would've been perfect. It still worked out fine though. I knew we were going to have lots of kids, so I used our table to seat the high chairs and I put Thomas trains on the table for the kids to play with. 

I made cupcakes, cherry pie and a raspberry dessert I saw on an episode of KLG and Hoda at 3am while I was up with Isabelle (for the 15th night in a row). I wanted to get some printable Thomas party decorations off Etsy, but refuse to pay $20 for one sheet, so I made my own. Then I went to print them and ran out of ink. So, the only thing I could print was the back part of Bobby's cupcake toppers with his name on it. Blast. 

My MIL bought some crafts for my kids to do, so I used them for all the kids and they came in so handy! 

It was so great to have my nieces and nephews at the party. This is my nephew Joshua

It was a fun day. Thankfully I have a great little helper who helped with the cleanup!