Thursday, January 31, 2013

Messy Toddler

I'm always amused at the things Isabelle puts in her stroller. On this particular day, the passenger of choice was some caramel corn.

She is such a messy eater. She took out all the noodles, placed them on the table, ate some of the meat, put the noodles back in the bowl, took them back out, then threw them on the floor. Don't worry, I made her pick up after herself!

Of course, she got a little distracted when picking up her mess.

A Baby Story

I wanted to be sure to write down (type out) the story of finding out another Carpenter baby was on the way, so this post may share a little more than you want to hear (or read). Don't worry, not anything sick..I just might use words such as womanly cycle and pee stick, etc. You've been warned.

This little baby seems to be quite the little turkey already. I have a feeling he or she may give me a run for my money. I'm too old for running, by the way, so somebody start praying for me!

I was pretty convinced that I was pregnant just before Christmas. Bob had said he wanted me to wait to test until the first of the year. I, of course, thought he was crazy, but being the completely submissive good wife I am, I stayed away from the stores so I wouldn't be tempted to buy things I shouldn't.

On Christmas Eve, the kids and I were at the Church house getting ready for our annual Christmas Eve Celebration service while Bob had to work. He had planned to go to my dad's house after work, but didn't end up having enough time because the weather wasn't great. Soon after he got there, my SIL Heather told me she noticed he had a pregnancy test in his pocket. I was thrilled! After the service was over, I headed to find out if it was positive or not. I was certain it had to be. Well, a big negative showed up. I really was shocked.

The day after Christmas, Isabelle was really sick so my mom and I ended up taking her to the Urgent Care. Since I had my mom with me, I figured it'd be a really good time to stop by the dollar store and grab another test. Well, of course, the dollar store was fresh out. So, we went to another store and they were out, too. I headed home after that and my mom said she would go buy me a good test. (YAY! Thanks, Mom!) She returned a little bit later and I took it before she left. Another negative. Well, alright then.

New Year's Eve night, we headed out to Bob's parents for the annual party. Bobby was starting to get sick with what Isabelle had (RSV) so at about 10:30pm I headed home to pick up some medicine for him. As I was driving, I got to thinking that I should just try taking the second test of the package my mom had gotten for me. I thought "Wouldn't it be cool to surprise Bob at midnight and tell him I'm pregnant?!" I could tell I was getting really ahead of myself and just told myself to settle down, it would be negative again and I'd be silly to use up the test, especially since it was a digital one and I had never used a digital one. Well, I went against my better judgment (big surprise) and went ahead and tested away. The digital one takes a few minutes to register and has this hour glass that spins as it's processing. I remember just looking at it and thinking "hurry up and just say NOT PREGNANT so I can leave and get back to the party. Ugh! I can't believe I just wasted this test." It seemed like it was taking forever to process. All of a sudden, the word PREGNANT flashed across the screen.

I literally gasped! I was completely surprised! I put that thing in my pocket and headed out the door, barely able to keep my composure. I had prepared myself for another negative test so this caught me off guard! It was nearly 11 o'clock on NYE and I started thinking about how I was going to tell Bob at midnight! I called my mom first because, well, she bought me the test and I thought I owed her that! LOL
As I was talking to her, I pulled into the driveway of Bob's parents house. My brother-in-law's dad was at the party and had parked his car in an odd spot in the driveway. As I drove around his car, I completely misjudged how much space was needed to get around his vehicle. Yep. I hit it. Unbelievable. How was I going to explain this?

I went inside and let the car's owner know (in front of a whole room of men AND my husband who I hadn't told yet) about what had happened. How embarrassing. Bob wanted to take a look at the car to see how bad the damage was, so outside we went. He kept asking me how did I do that? Um, well...I could see I wasn't going to make it to midnight. I had to explain to him that the reason I was so scatterbrained!

He spun me in the air when I told him! HA! I told him not to tell anyone else yet because I wanted to take another test to confirm it. So, we went back inside, him heading back to the game with the guys, and me back to the living room and movies with the women. I was explaining to the women how I had hit the car and one of my SIL's said something like I was acting kind of ditsy and asked if I had tested lately? Oh my word. It wasn't long before all of the women in the room, except for my MIL knew. Someone said that I needed to let her know before she heard from someone else. So, I pulled her aside and as I was telling her, my FIL walked in. So, I told him, too. (Bob later told me that he had been wanting to tell his dad so badly but didn't cause I asked him not to yet). Sorry, sweetie.

Having so many people know in such a short amount of time after I had only just found out myself made me extremely nervous. What if the test was wrong? I told my SILS of my concerns and one of them mentioned they had an extra test at their house and we could go get it. So, we loaded up and went to get one. It was now well after midnight, and we had completely missed the ball drop. We got back to the house and I took the second (or fourth) test. NEGATIVE. You've got to be kidding me? I've just told all these people I'm pregnant, and now it looks like I am not. I googled "false readings on digital tests" and sure enough, the brand that I had used was known for giving false positives. I couldn't believe it. It really just took the wind out of my sails. I was riding an emotional roller coaster and wanted off. I knew I needed to just go to bed.

The next five days were no better. I had embarrassed myself completely. Having to go back and tell people that it looked like the test was wrong was humiliating. My mom got back into town that Saturday and brought me another test. For the fifth time, I would test. This time, I could feel the hormone in me, so I was sure something was going on, but of course I wasn't certain.


I had lost 5 days of celebrating the little life God had created in me.

No more.

This little baby is due September 13, 2013.

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works,And that my soul knows very well.   Psalm 139:14

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sick week

Sickness has invaded our household over the past two weeks! Boo! Bob was the first to come down with a cold. It didn't take long for the babies and I to get sick as well. Tis the season. I'm looking forward to all four of us being well again soon! Yesterday was Bob's birthday. He surprised me and came home from work early and helped me by doing laundry and dishes. Nice birthday treat for him, huh? Here's my two helpers!

Bobby is doing great with eating finger foods. Problem is, now his sister thinks she should help feed him. She's constantly putting all sorts of things in his mouth. One morning she decided to share her peanut butter toast with him. At least she's sharing, I guess.

Bobby chewing on Daddy's ear. Ouch!

When Bellie gets a fever her eyes get really puffy. I think they're really cute, but she always looks pitiful when she's sick. Poor girl. At least she was up for making silly faces during her 101 degree fever.

Such a cute sweetie!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Piano Boy

Looks like no progress has been made in the "forward movement" portion of crawling. Bobby backed himself up under the piano. He made the best out of it though!

Not-So-Toasty Tuesday

We had a rather low key weekend. Bob was sick for most of it, so we stayed home and laid around for a few days. It was really nice. The kids both wanted to help Daddy drink his coffee.

Bellie got 3 pairs of high heeled shoes for Christmas. Since our laminate floors are pretty slippery, she needed some help walking in them.

It's freezing here in Lansing!

I was at a stoplight in Lansing and noticed this truck has two cool cities listed on it! The one I just moved away from and the other one I grew up in.

Daddy said we could have a Burger King treat for lunch today. This girl woke up from her nap and immediately saw what was awaiting her. She doesn't miss much. Just like her dad.

Bellie loves playing with these vases and candles. She tells them they're cute and to say cheese when I take pictures. She asks them if they're ok. Funny girl.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Terrible Two's Evidence

This week in Pictures

It seems like over the last month my baby boy has really started to reach some new milestones. He's sitting up on his own for the most part, doing some reverse crawling, playing with his toys more, and eating more new foods. I'm trying to give him more finger foods so that his fine motor skills improve. As you can see, his sister is helping him eat all those peas. I know when I prepare food for him that I better make enough for the both of them.

On Monday night we visited Aunt Diana in the hospital. She's the one who made their winter hats. We had a lot of fun. Please pray for her as she has a very aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis that has really taken a toll on her body.

This week I turned 35. I had such a great birthday, and was surprised with flowers and chocolate cake from Sue and Rae. I got lots of emails, texts, twitter messages, and so on. Mom brought me a cake, too which I nearly ate entirely in two days.
I took this picture of my goofy babies and posted it with the caption "I may be old, but these two cheese balls keep me young!"

I noticed that Bellie's nurturing instincts are starting early. I love seeing her be motherly to her brother and dolls. She wrapped her baby doll in a blanket and told her it was time to go night night. Here she is giving her baby a kiss. (As I'm typing this, she is pretending to feed Bobby, me and the computer with a mirror that looks like a spoon and the doll potty chair that looks like a bowl.)

She's having a lot of fun putting things in her stroller and taking them for walks around the house. Sometimes she needs accessories to wear on her head, like a doll playpen, to do so.

She also likes to wear Aunt Diana's hats around, too.

Friday morning, Bob had just left for work and I was feeding Bobby in his high chair and I realized that it was pretty quiet. So, I went looking for my toddler and found her getting into my mascara. She kept saying "Pretty eyes". HA!

Bobby crawls backward just fine, but hasn't figured out how to move forward. I find it funny though when I see him doing what looks to be like push-ups.

This weekend my parents are taking turns watching the kids for me. Since it will be my dad's first time watching them and I'm a little nervous Bobby might scream a lot, I borrowed a pacifier from Emery for him. I asked Bellie to go put the paci in Bobby's bed. I guess she obeyed me.

Friday night we went to a Michigan State Hockey game. Although they lost, we had a great time.

Emery did great even though it was past her bedtime!