Monday, April 27, 2015

Women's Conference and Other Stuff

This past weekend was our women's conference at church. The theme of the conference was about learning to have an authentic relationship with God. Late this winter, we had an 8 week study on a book written by Angela Thomas called "A Beautiful Offering". The conference was an extension of that study. My sister-in-law Becky did a great job teaching the women. The team worked really hard and everything went very well. We had a girls night on Friday night after the conclusion of the first session and it was a lot of fun. People bring different healthy and sweet treats and we vote for two winners. The food is always so delicious. We played games, did zumba, watched a movie and stayed the night. The pictures above were the only ones out of about 30 that turned out. UGH I miss my camera phone!

Bellie loves going through the mail when it comes. I had to laugh just listening to her talk to herself as she's looking at all the ads. She'd see a picture of something and just yell out in excitement. "CHIPS! POP! ICE CREAM!" I heard her say "Oh, that's lovely." She's funny.

Speaking of this little sweetie pie..sinner.

We're learning about always telling the truth, even when we might get into trouble.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April Showers of..Sickness.

When the calendar turned to April, I had to laugh that my first thought wasn't about wondering how much rain we'd get this month. Actually, my first thought was about wondering how many sicknesses we'd get this month. Last year, April hit us really hard. All 5 of us had influenza A (Bobby ended up hospitalized) then got the stomach flu (as did dozens of our family members), not to mention it was the same month that Bob's grandpa had gotten seriously hurt and later died and I had a miscarriage. We had not one, but both of our transmissions go out on us that month. It was probably the most difficult month our family had ever had. It was also the same month though that we applied to be foreign missionaries with the International Mission Board. We are still in the application and interview process a year later, so there is no update about that as of yet, but as I look back on that month, though I want to forget it and hope we never have that many difficulties in such a short time again, I can see how God was with us through it all. He was near to us in our heartache, He healed us from all our sickness, He provided for us financially, and He determined our steps.

Anyway, back to the sickness part.

Our first round of sickness hit yesterday. Isabelle woke up at 6am crying saying her stomach hurt. She threw up around 8am and was sick and on the potty chair until about 2pm. The first thing I always try to do is figure out what I fed her that could have made her sick. I had given her corn Friday night which is one of her food allergies, so I was thinking maybe I'd discovered another trigger. (Not all of her allergies cause her to have GI reactions it seems). I was pretty pleased about the possibility of discovering a trigger that when I went to get Ilya out of her bed, that whole theory was shot down cold. Ilya had thrown up in her bed. Awesome.

Bob had to work Saturday, so I was on my own with two sick girls and one rambunctious little boy. Thankfully, after 2pm, Isabelle was back to normal and has been fine since, and even slept through the night. (She mentioned yesterday that maybe sleeping in her bed all night is what makes her tummy hurt. Nice try.)

Ilya went back and forth from feeling good to feeling bad all day. By the early evening she was running a low-grade fever. I gave her some tylenol and fed her dinner and she started to act more like herself again. She got down from her high chair and immediately went over to the table and started eating Bobby's food. Girl was hungry.

We put her to bed around 8, and she woke up at 11:15. I brought her downstairs and got her some water and laid her back down. She was quiet for about an hour and then I heard her start crying again. I knew that was too easy. This time she'd thrown up again in her bed. I got her and her bedding all changed and brought her downstairs. It took about an hour and a half for her to be sleepy again. She finally went back to sleep around 1:45am and slept until 8am. She feels a little warm this morning, but is acting a little more like herself.

Hopefully, the three of us who aren't sick don't get this stomach bug.