Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sleepy Girl!

      It seems as though we finally have succeeded in sleep training Isabelle!!! After 17 months, our girl is sleeping through the night in her own bed! Not only that, but she doesn't need to be rocked or held to go to sleep. We have a nice routine and I can lay her down in her crib while she's awake and she will go to sleep, most nights without crying! Sometimes she cries until I walk out of the room and within ten seconds she's done and on her way to slumber land, and an added bonus is that she is now taking naps in her crib! They may only last a half hour or less, but this is a huge accomplishment! For some reason, I feel very proud! HAHA!
Sleeping with her dolly. Precious!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


       The babies and I just returned home from a 10 day stay in Lansing. We got to visit with so many family members, and it was really wonderful! In fact, that was the best part about the whole trip: being around our loved ones. Now that I'm older, I think I'm starting to value family more and more. I love seeing how our family really enjoys our kids and vice versa. It's really neat to see relationships start to form, or continue to grow. To see Isabelle recognize family and even lift her arms to be held by them really is a beautiful sight. This week she learned to say "Jo Jo, Becky, and Hezzie." Those are her aunts and uncle. (She also learned to say "elbow". Cute!)

On Monday evening, several ESL students from Turkey (studying at MSU) came out to my inlaws house for dinner. They were absolutely head over heels for Bellie. They even wanted a group picture with her! Pretty funny.

Bobby turned a month old while we were away. I tell ya, it really seems like he changed before my eyes this week! For one, he's HUGE, and for two, he's losing his hair and is becoming a blondie! His skin is clearing up and he's been smiling alot! He did great while we were away, and he's just my little man! Love this boy!
His cousin made the sign!

We got lots of ice cream this week! Bellie not only would eat hers, but finished up others as well!

I'm so thankful to God that He's placed us in the Carpenter/Crandall family. It really was a rough week at times, this past week. Every day we were met with some sort of disappointing news or problem. It just seemed like everything was going wrong, and on top of it, I only spoke to my husband for two minutes this week, and I just had a hard time dealing with life in general. But, I'm so thankful that I was surrounded by these folks who made it a great week in spite of everything else that seemed to be going wrong. I really am blessed.

I love you, family. You are exactly what I need.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 Isabelle has been quite the "sprite" lately, as her Daddy says. There have been several things that she has done that have made us just laugh. She is really at an age that we are just loving. She's just delightful (mostly!) to be around. I wanted to list a couple things so that I can look back later.
  • She loves to kiss EVERYTHING right now! Not only does she love kissing her brother, but she also loves to kiss bathwater, end tables, oatmeal on a spoon, my hair, Aunt Rae's calzone, her high chair tray and so much more. Look at this cute little fishy face kisser..who can resist her?!

  • She loves to hide. She runs from the buffet table to behind the living room chair and waits for us to ask "Where's Isabelle?", then runs out.
  • She's climbing on furniture and getting into everything. She climbs onto the end tables, her toys, couches, everything. She likes to go up and down the stairs a thousand times a day. Yesterday, she stood up on the chair and when I got up to get her down she spanked her own butt. 

  • She loves to push the button on the baby swing that turns on music, then she runs to her dad and raises her hands to be picked up because she wants to dance with him. Precious! I'm not sure who enjoys it more.
  • When the baby "fills his pants" she says "eew" and waves her hand to the side of her face (supposed to be in front of her nose).
  • She likes to fake cry and laugh. Goofy girl.
  • She likes put her head down and give a funny look with her eyes
There are so many other cute things she's doing right now. What a treasure she is!

Bob's Fathers Day cards!

Friday, June 1, 2012