Monday, February 13, 2012

What's been goin' on..

We've had a busy couple of weeks. My dad and brothers came over on the first weekend of the month to help me move the spare room downstairs so that I could begin Bobby's nursery. They worked so hard all day, as did Bob, and were able to get a ton done! I owe them big time! My brother Jordan stayed a few days and painted the entire nursery for me (which I hadn't planned on doing, but am SO glad we did!) It really looks wonderful. I just have to sew some curtains and a diaper stacker and it will be done! I will post pictures soon.
My dad, brothers, and Bob organizing and moving rooms so that I could get started on Bobby's nursery

My brother, Jordan, was a huge help in getting Bobby's nursery done. I owe him big time! He also would help me make dinner and clean the kitchen and watch the baby. Ah, I love that kid.
Jordan had to do a lot of math to get that small Spartan "S" on the paper to turn out like the picture below.

He did such a great job!

That same weekend, we had our friends over from church for the Super Bowl (hi guys!). We had so much delicious food, I literally ate myself into oblivion. Mmmm...I want some of that food right now, come to think of it.
Our super fun Super Bowl party with our cool friends from church, Jim and Lisa, and my brother Jordan. Even Isababy got to join in on the fun. (Notice high chair downstairs)    

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