Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family Babies

We are so thankful God moved us closer to our family. It is so nice to see our babies recognize their family. Sunday morning, they loved banging on the piano with Aunt Becky before band practice.

Good thing we have helpers to drink our coffee around here.

Bellie shared her coloring pages with her brother. It was cute to see her pull up the chair and sit there for a few minutes.

How many containers of oats have been wasted in the last few weeks? Let's not talk about that. She sure has fun playing with them though. She picked up a handful and said "Play, Mommy" and threw it at me.

I love when they play quietly.

I thought a fort might be a fun idea. They liked it for about two minutes until Bellie pulled it down.

While I cleaned out the refrigerator, I used one of its drawers to hold snow for Bellie to play in. She had just woken from a nap and wasn't thrilled to have to be playing on her own. When she did finally play, she wouldn't leave her gloves on and kept crying because it was cold. Another failed idea.

Aunt Rae and Emery visited us on their way home from Emery's doctor's checkup. She's 6 months old already!

I think Bellie loves Emery more than her little brother. Aunt Rae said it's probably because she doesn't have to share with Emery as much as Bobby. Ha!!

Cute Paci face!

Somebody's been hanging out with her toddler cousins! Sitting up and drinking out of a cup at 6 months!

Monday, February 25, 2013

9 Months

Our little Bear baby is 9 (and a half) months old! It seems like over the past month he has changed so much! Here are a few things to remember about this month.
  • He weighs 20 pounds and is wearing size 9-12 months clothes, size 4 diaper
  • He learned to crawl forward this month
  • He started to climb up on furniture
  • He cut a tooth on the top right on February 17th. He now has three teeth.
  • He eats finger foods and enjoys them. He loves cheerios and raisins. He's eaten chicken, burgers, pizza, grilled cheese, peas, carrots, corn, yogurt, baby cereal. I'm sure there's lots more I'm not remembering.
  • He drank water from a sippy cup on February 24th for his grandma. I've tried it a few times and he just wasn't getting it. So, this is great!
  • He is starting to recognize his family! He loves his Aunt Becky. I call her the Bobby whisperer because he just loves going to sleep for her. He even lays his head on her shoulder on his own.
  • He was in the nursery and recognized his grandpa and wanted him to "rescue" him! HA!
  • He LOVES his daddy! He follows him all around the house while Bob's getting ready for work. When Bob gets home from work, he crawls right to him to greet him. They're gonna be great pals!
  • He and Bellie have ALOT of fun together. They are always laughing together. They fight only a little. She can be bossy.
  • He likes to "fake" cough and will have a grunting competition with whomever wants to play!
  • He takes 1-2 naps during the day, and goes to bed between 8-8:30pm. He still has to be rocked to sleep, and usually he's grumpy and screams for a little while. 
  • He says "mama" and "dada" but only as baby babble. He also hums (it sounds like to notes to a doorbell a little)
  • We have a lot of girl toys for Isabelle, and he loves to pound on them. Typical boy! He likes his tractors, cars, and ball popper. He likes spinning the pedals on Bellie's bike and the wheels on Bellie's doll stroller.
  • He claps his hands and waves. He also pats his bellie and says "ah, ah, ah, ah" while doing so. It reminds me of Tarzan.
Our little boy is such a joy and we're grateful to God that He's made him a part of our family! We pray that he grows up to love Jesus with all his heart and serves Him for all his life!

To see how much he's grown since he was born, check out THIS post.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Call Me Gladys Kravitz

The area in which we live in Lansing isn't necessarily the safest place in town. When we first moved in, I had to decide to rarely watch the news because I kept hearing of overnight shootings in the area, and convenience store robberies a block away. I kept telling myself I could handle this because, after all, I used to live right next door not far from Pontiac. HA! Well, after talking to our neighbors, all of whom are married couples with elementary aged children, I've decided that our neighborhood really isn't that bad. I mean, I don't go outside for leisurely walks or anything (it IS winter, and I'm still a wuss) but overall it feels pretty safe. There is a house across the street that has been vacant the entire time we've been here. Well, I think it's vacant. The garage has no door on it and is empty, and the house is always pitch dark inside. Every day though, at least 5 cars use this driveway to turn their vehicle around. Lots of times it's the exact same vehicles, and those vehicles aren't seen in other driveways. So, it's weird.

Well, we got a couple inches of snow overnight and this morning, this white van with 5 people pulled up and started shoveling the driveway and sidewalk. What in the world?! I couldn't help but want to holler out a few things to them, such as a.) are you part of the Lansing mob? b.) you realize no one lives there? c.) How about at least one of you five come shovel my driveway!-- At least I'll say thank you!

True/False Statement Disclaimer: I've been watching alot of action/mob movies the last few months. I recognize members of the mob/mafia when I see them.

At last they were finished. Actually, no they weren't. They only shoveled half the driveway. I hope my non-existent neighbor docks their pay. Good grief.

A few hours later, I looked out the window and saw a sixth person out there getting ready to snow blow. How many blondes people does it take to clear snow?

The good news is ~~ I just noticed somebody cleared the snow off our sidewalk! 

I like my neighbors, I guess-even if they don't exist!

Shortly after moving here, I started working 10 hours a week for Farm Bureau doing some online recruiting. It's the easiest job in the world, and I don't have to leave my house. I like to work in the mornings while the kids play and are content. I'm so tired at night time right now, that I can barely stay awake past 9pm. One more week til second trimester begins, so hopefully that'll make a difference.
Anyways, Bellie likes to use our hide-a-bed couch as a trampoline. So, I let her. Bobby plays with the cushions. Today her jeans kept falling down, so she decided to rid herself of them. 

**I wrote this post around 1pm this afternoon about the neighbor across the street. Well, at around 5:30pm, our neighbors to the right of us (I'd say north, south, east or west, but come on. I have no sense of that kind of direction) just partially shoveled our driveway! Wow! What a blessing our neighbors have been to us today! I'm still not sure who cleared our sidewalk, but wow!

Pre-bath fun

Sue gave me some number cookie cutters for my birthday, so I used them when I made Bellie lunch yesterday. I went over the numbers with her. I'm surprised because someone has already taught her to count to ten. She does so using her fingers. It's really cute. The only problem was that I was picking up most of these little breaded numbers off the floor. She ditched the bread for the ham and cheese inside.

Since the kids both needed baths after lunch, I decided to grab the finger paint and let them play in the bath tub with it. Next time, I shall use a cruddy towel, not one of my nice ones. What was I thinking?! Good thing the paint is washable. They both seemed to love making a mess painting.

A couple dots of paint. Bobby started right in. Bellie was more concerned about it getting on her hands.

Right about here was when she got the idea to rub some of that paint off her hands and onto her brother!

Cute, messy hands.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fun Times

If all goes as planned, these 38 acres of God's green earth will soon be ours! Can you see the house? I am looking forward to moving there!

Sometimes I just have to thank God for recipes that are so simple that I can handle them. This is one of my new favorites. Gruyere cheese is delicious! Even Bellie likes this soup. Score!

Hot stuff for a two year old.

A friend from church has given us alot of clothes for Bellie. It's such a huge blessing! In fact, most clothes we have for our kids have been given to us from church friends. God sure takes great care of us! I love this outfit because she is pink all the way to her shoes!

Gotta love that she still smiled when she looked away!

Italian bread crumbs took the place of snow for this angel.

Her dad and I like to stare at coffee, too!

Hiding with the loaf of French bread

Bellie and Daddy always hold hands when we're in the car. On this day, we were heading to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet! Delicious.

Daddy and Bellie playing "Elmo's song"

You know it's cold when....

So thankful he is their father!

Sweet 9 month old!