Friday, March 30, 2012

It's the Weekend!

This week has been pretty uneventful. The days have gone by slowly and we've managed to get to bed early nearly every day this week. Isabelle has been extra sleepy this week, which I believe is from getting ready to cut another molar. She has been ready for a nap about an hour after she wakes up. There have been days where she could take 4 naps if I'd let her. One day I let her take 3 and we kinda paid for it during the night. But, other than that, she's done pretty well. III came home early from work on Tuesday with some major tooth pain. The dentist got him all fixed up, and we were able to enjoy most of the day together. It was so great to have him home at a normal hour! He finished up his huge paper for school and now has just two more 15 page papers to write and one more class to do and then he'll graduate with his bachelor's degree!! So proud of him!! He's such a hard worker for our family and we are blessed that God has chosen him to be the head of our household! Love my treasure!

In just a few days, I'll be 36 weeks pregnant and the doctor says that if I go into labor anytime after 36 weeks they won't try to stop it. So...bring on the baby! I'm so thankful that I've had such an easy pregnancy and that we're nearing the end and about to meet our little boy! I wonder how different it will be to have a little boy to love on? I'm betting it's going to be tremendous! I've dreamed about the day when I would have the honor of welcoming RWCIV into the world! I hoped it would be me to do so, and I'm so thankful God has allowed me the privilege to! So, come on out our little Sparty baby...!!

Speaking of babies, my SIL and brother found out this week that they will be welcoming another boy into their brood. His name will be Joshua John II after my brother. Here's their oldest two kids, Gabriella (4) and Isaiah (3).

Well, baby girl is waking up from her morning nap. Time to go do some walking so I can enjoy some delish decaf coffee tonight with my hottie! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fun Weekend

Isabelle and I had a pretty eventful weekend. On Friday we spent the day with my mom, her husband, and my brother and went to the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mount Clemens. We had a lot of fun shopping and just taking our time to look at everything. We spent about 3 hours there and by the time we were done, it was hard for me to walk, being 35 weeks pregnant....but it was worth it! After that we went to my grandma's house to visit her and my aunt.
Once we were done there, they dropped us off to my in-laws house for the weekend. My SILS and BILS came over, too. I let Isabelle stay up really late all weekend so that the family could enjoy her. (She is making up for her lack of good sleep right now!) One thing I noticed this weekend was that she seemed to be a lot more comfortable with everyone. She did fine with mostly anyone holding her and it was really neat to see. She's growing up so quickly and I'm loving it!
Grandpa found the way to her heart. Cupcakes!

Walking with Aunt Beck and Grandma Susie to the car after church
She loves to sing to the "Fishes" song from the Elmo video that Uncle Jim and Aunt Lisa got her. There have been times when she's almost asleep for her nap and hears that song come on and wakes right up to sing it. Precious!

Sunday I got to sing during the "C" service with the worship band! Man, how I miss CSC and especially singing with Beck! It was great fun to worship God together with my family, as well!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fashion Accessory

Dear Baby Sweetie,
Although Aunt Becky would probably be very proud of you for picking the right color to accessorize your outfit, I just think that you should know that a dish towel doesn't qualify for a scarf, hat, or headdress. Good try, though, baby girl.

Verses and Cousins

My MIL sent me some verses a few weeks ago that God gave her for her offspring's offspring. I wanted to make sure I saved them somewhere, so what better place to put them than here?! One of them I will be using in Bobby's room.

Isaiah 61:9
Their offspring shall be known among the nations,
    and their descendants in the midst of the peoples;
all who see them shall acknowledge them,
    that they are an offspring the Lord has blessed.

Isaiah 42:6
“I am the Lord; I have called you in righteousness;
    I will take you by the hand and keep you;
I will give you as a covenant for the people,
     a light for the nations,

Isaiah 59:21
“And as for me, this is my covenant with them,” says the Lord: “My Spirit that is upon you, and my words that I have put in your mouth, shall not depart out of your mouth, or out of the mouth of your offspring, or out of the mouth of your children's offspring,” says the Lord, “from this time forth and forevermore.”

 Isaiah 44:3-5
3 For I will pour water on the thirsty land,
    and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring,
    and my blessing on your descendants.
They shall spring up among the grass
     like willows by flowing streams.
This one will say, ‘I am the Lord's,’
    another will call on the name of Jacob,
and another will write on his hand, ‘The Lord's,’
    and name himself by the name of Israel.”

Psalm 102:13
You will arise and have pity on Zion;
    it is the time to favor her;
     the appointed time has come.

 There are several women in our family that are pregnant. On my "side" of the family my brother's wife Amanda is pregnant with their third child due in late summer and my uncle's wife Alleysha is pregnant with their 1st child due in July, a boy (he already has 2 girls). I don't have any pictures of them though. On Bob's "side", his sister Rachel is due in late August with their first child and two of his (our) cousins are due this summer as well. Here's a cute picture of the girls and their baby bumps! (They're still in the cute stage, unlike me who is in the "look and feel like a horse" stage.)
SIL Rachel with baby due in late August, Ohio cousin Bethany due with baby boy, due in early August, and Ohio cousin Alicia due with baby girl in mid-June.

I can't wait to see all these little babies that God has blessed our family with in 2012!

Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Finally Friday.

 I'm so glad the weekend is here. The beautiful weather continues and the forecast for next week looks splendid. However, I think it has really screwed up some bugs. We've had to kill a few mosquitoes and a bee in the past 24 hours. Really?! That's probably the only bad thing about having a swamp out back. The sounds of the bugs and frogs at night really is cool. We keep our window open so we can hear them. Sometimes it's really loud!

Bob used some of his work "points" to get a few new toys. We've wanted a smoker for a really long time, and we finally have one! We're excited to try smoking a turkey soon. He also got us a surround sound system. Heck yeah! Perfect timing for the NCAA tourney that's going on right now.

We've got a bet going on that whoever wins in their bracket gets something of their choice. I chose a trip to Ulta. I've never been there, but I hear it's got lots of girlie things for your hair, nails, face, etc. Sounds delightful. He still hasn't made up his mind yet. What's really cool though is tonight we're ordering pizza and watching the Spartans play! Whoop whoop! I can't wait! (Thanks to Jer for cancelling SG, because I was gonna have to miss out on my precious pizza and I was really bummed.) Ah, I can't wait.

The Carpenter girls are on their way to Ohio to celebrate our cousin Alicia's baby shower. She's due with a baby girl, Naomi, in mid-June. I am so bummed that I have to miss out on a Carpenter girls get-together!! I'm not allowed to travel more than 2 hours away from the hospital. I almost chanced it, but my favorite helped me to choose to do the right thing. (Right, sweetie?) Probably a good thing, cause I hear it's been a bumpy "cervix-preparing" truck ride in Rae's truck. HAHA!! (You crack me up, Hez!)

Mom sent money for us to get our double stroller! I have been researching online and I don't know why, but choosing one is stressing me out. I will probably end up buying a used one so I can use the remainder of the money on other baby items I need. There's also a Mom2Mom sale again at the big Gibralter place this weekend, so I may have to go check it out tomorrow, since III has to work. I'm thankful for my mom and all the ways she has financially contributed to our family, by buying us things like this and paying for all of Isabelle's diapers since she's been born. What a huge blessing!

I missed out on the chance of a lifetime yesterday. Ok, slight exaggeration. The chance of a year is probably more like it. Yesterday was the 17th birthday of my favorite coffee place in the whole world, and they were selling their drinks (normally $5) for a buck. I obsessed about it all day. I decided to wait until Bob got done with his homework (he came home early to do an online presentation) so that we could walk up there together. Well, two major problems arose that were outta my control. First, he didn't get done til 7:55pm and our nearby Beaners closes at 8. Second, it rained. So, the only Beaners I get to enjoy is this picture here on my blog that I found on google. (Good thing I did get a sugarfree frozen Beaners on Tuesday with a half off coupon.)

Well, time to clean up the kitchen. I've dragged my heels on it long enough. The rest of the house has been picked up all day. Shows you what I dread cleaning the most, even if it is my favorite room when it's cleaned. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I've been trying to get Isabelle's new trick on video for a few weeks now!! Finally, she cooperated! Geez.

Spring Fever

It's been beautiful outside over the last few days. We've had lots of fun playing outside or going for walks. I've definitely got Spring fever. It's been nice to get fresh air and get out of the house. I actually am not a big fan of going for walks by myself. I happen to be a really big wuss. Anytime anyone walks past me, I think they're gonna kill me. I always imagine some sort of kidnapping happening and with the current shape and size I am, there's no way I'd get away! Ha, yeah, I have an active imagination unfortunately. But, I have good reason to walk. Bob made a deal with me. If I walk 15 minutes a day, I can have coffee creamer. Totally worth it!

I guess this is the scariest thing I saw on my walk! Really, people?! What went through my mind was "It's almost St Patty's day, not St Panties day!"

Isabelle is now 14 months old. She's 20.5 pounds and walking all over the place. She's learned how to fake cry. It's pretty convincing actually. There have been several times when I think she is sobbing, then I realize she's actually just yelling loudly to get my attention and there are no tears, and in fact she's actually doing something else and just making noise. Tricky girl.

Bob's uncle brought up a crib for us to use for her, so we set that up and moved her mattress into the room. It didn't work that great in our room anyway. So, I figured might as well move it back. I bought a night light for her room so that she can see her pacifier during the night and try to go back to sleep. So far it hasn't worked either. Eh, story of my life. She ends up in her crib for about 2 hours and then when she wakes up, I just end up getting her and bringing her into our room. I'm so out of it during the night. That's gonna have to change though. Speaking of change, I decided to try to get her to one nap a day. We started Monday and so far, it's's going. She barely lasts til nap time and is extra fussy. But a couple good things have happened. Her naps have been almost 2 hours, and this morning she even slept until 8am. Crazy.

Isabelle loves Elmo. She loves her video from Uncle Jim and Aunt Lisa. Yesterday I had to work for a good portion of the day, so I sat her in her brother's Michigan State chair and gave her her Elmo and put the video on. She enjoyed it! For about 5 minutes though...she started crying cause she couldn't get out of her chair.

Funny story, today I am making a chuck roast on my kitchen table. Well, apparently the fruit bowl that sits on our table is a little too close to Isabelle's high chair. I had just given her a cheeseburger for lunch and a few slices of ham, and turned away to make some celery with peanut butter, and noticed this:
This girl and her bananas!

She was proud of herself!
 Finally, last Saturday I was about to my wits end. For the past 2 weeks, we had been mainly confined to our house because of all the sickness, and Bob had a ton of homework that he needed to work on, and I was just itching to get out of the house. I was feeling down and discouraged and was just a plain ol' hot mess. To top it off, Isabelle was really sick with a bad cold (She tested negative for RSV and flu) and had a cough that just sounded painful and a fever that we were managing with alternating tylenol and ibuprofen since Tuesday. She broke it a few times, but it would always come back during the night, which is pretty typical I hear. Anyways, Bob could sense that we really needed him, so he suggested we go to Lansing for the day. Wow, I just gotta say that he's brilliant! It was exactly what I needed. We went and spent some time with my dad and then over to his parents house and hung with them and Rae and Ivan. We've never taken a spontaneous trip to Lansing, so this for me was just splendid. He really gets me, and I'm blessed by him more every day!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sick "Week"-ling

We are all starting to feel better finally. All three of us were sick this week, and boy did it take us out of commission for a few days. Bob and I both had the flu which has turned into a cold, sore throat and all, and Isabelle, well you already know how her week went. On Thursday, it got a lot worse for her. Thankfully Bob was home though. He ended up spending several hours in the ER with her because her stomach was really bloated and rock hard and she wouldn't stop screaming. Turns out she was very constipated and her belly was full of gas. The doctors said that's likely why she was throwing up and sick all week. She's doing much better now, thankfully.

Today she and her daddy and I ventured outside for about 5 minutes. It's freezing out, but Bob wanted to trim our cherry trees. So, we had a fun few minutes. She's such a Daddy's girl. She has really grown attached to him, especially this week since he's been home with us, and she wants to be wherever he is. It's precious! If he tries to give her to me, she throws a fit cause she wants him. I think it's so cute!

Wednesday night, before the flu punched me in the face or gut, whatever...we went to youth group. It was my turn to come up with the games. I picked out a few good ones. I didn't know it, but that night was also taco night, so the kids were given a complete taco meal and dessert of brownies and ice cream before game time. My games included food, too. I guess I'm lucky none of them puked! The first game was to see who could eat a burger the fastest with no hands.

The second game they had to pick a partner, lie head to head, and feed one person a jar of baby food. I picked good flavors (peach, bananas, etc).

The third game was 2 teams gathered around a mat and the first team to eat the french fries (no hands again!) won.

Poor kids!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

CBS News

This week has been a rough week in our household. First Isabelle was sick, and now I am. Pregnancy and flu just doesn't go together at all. When your stomach already is nauseous, let me just say that feeling a little one move all around in your belly makes it a lot worse! Ugh. Thankfully, Bob has taken the day off to take care of me and Isabelle. I'm starting to think that Isabelle's sickness had nothing to do with that milk. I hope not anyway.
Last weekend, a CBS News reporter visited Cedar Street Church to ask people their opinion of the upcoming primary that took place a few days ago. Click here to see it!