Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ilya Sue!!

Happy 2nd birthday, Ilya Sue!!!
It's hard to believe our baby girl is 2 years old! (Although, terrible two's showed up earlier than necessary!)

 Ilya is such a sweet, yet feisty, little girl. There's not a lot that she's afraid of right now. She's a very busy little girl. I often find her climbing on the furniture or getting into the water in the bathroom sink.

She doesn't hold still for very long. That explains why most of these pictures are of her just being her. 

She has beautiful curls and is just a pretty little girl.

She is noisy, too! HA! She talks very well for her age. I think she speaks more than her siblings did at two. Smart little cookie.

I said "Illie, how old are you going to be?" and she said "2!" with all her fingers up. haha

This is how I knew we were both done trying to get these pictures for her big day!

We thank God for creating this little life and placing her into our care. 

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Friday, August 21, 2015

How I started blogging

Several years ago, I was looking online for ideas for gifts that I could get my dad for his birthday. My dad really likes different gospel and contemporary christian bands and singers. I decided to look to see if the group, Selah, was going to be in our area, and unfortunately they didn't have any plans to be that year. When I was looking into it, I came across the story of Todd and Angie Smith, the lead singer and his wife, who had just been told that their unborn baby wouldn't live much past birth. Angie, is a great writer and I loved reading her blog because she was so good at expressing how she was clinging to God during a very painful time in life. 

Every once in a while, Angie would ask readers to pray for other blogging mothers that were facing similar situations with their babies. (In fact, most of the blogs on my list to the side of this page are bloggers who profess to be believers that have struggled with something or another and have been faithful in sharing Jesus with others and how He's blessed their lives.) Anyway, Angie wrote about Kelly Stamps, whose daughter was very sick immediately following her birth (thank God she is a healthy 1st grader today.)  

I liked the idea of blogging to remember things about my life, so that's why I decided to start blogging. My first blog started with telling the story of Bob running his very first marathon. I had that blog until shortly after Isabelle was born. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted it when I decided to shut down an old email address because I had so much spam. So, this blog started up a few months after Isabelle was born. Since then, I have had over 31,000 views of my blog....which is crazy. 

Back to the Kelly Stamps part of this story.

 Kelly occasionally asks readers to submit photos or suggestions on certain topics for a magazine she writes for from time to time. A few months ago, she asked for suggestions on the best place to take a beach vacation. Last September, we went to Mackinaw and I took some pretty cute pictures of the kids. I decided to email her a few of them, but since she has tens of thousands of readers, I figured they wouldn't be used....but I guess I was wrong! I came across this article in the July issue of Celebrate Arkansas magazine.