Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've had a pretty great day! My sweetie gave me chocolate and an extremely wonderful card filled with a special note. I loved it and was so blessed by it. I bought him something, too, but when he gave me his gifts for me I hadn't gotten his gift yet.  I did have a card for him, but didn't get a chance to write a note cause Isabelle had grabbed it and I was afraid she'd rip it, plus he was on his way home, so I just had to hurry. Talk about feeling like a loser! I thought it was especially sweet how he put his gifts for me on the counter last night before bed so that I'd be surprised in the morning! Too bad I ruined it and had to go back into the kitchen one last time. He's the best though. Hopefully he likes my gift. Hope you've had a blessed day.

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