Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hide and Seek

We play a lot of Hide and Seek in our house these days. The kids love to run and hide and jump out at each other. It's pretty funny! Here's what it typically looks like.

Bellie picks a corner and stands in it and counts like this......(and their hiding places look a lot like this, too)....













Ready or not, here I come!!!!


YES!! We are having another baby! We will be a family of 6! Four under 4. Just for's how I told Bob the big news...

Monday, March 17, 2014

March Madness

Grandpa Larry brought some donut treats for the kids. Bobby really liked his donut. 

This month has started off kinda roughly. We had some problems with our well and didn't have any water for a few days. Not cool. I felt pretty old school melting snow on the woodstove for Ilya's bottle. (The funny thing is I could've used my dang stove. I don't know what I was thinking trying to be pioneer woman.)

Caught a couple pictures of the kids playing with bubbles. It didn't take long for Isabelle to start trying to feed Bobby the bubbles.

I love how they always sit right next to each other. 

Daddy was downstairs with the repair man and she was trying to hear what they were talking about. 

Nicely done, son. 

Seeing your kids play together quietly makes any mess look beautiful. 

Fun times with friends. 

Well, at least they shared their chocolate pudding. 

Trying on grandpa's boots. 

I peeked in on the kids in the nursery and saw Bobby and Emery sitting together playing. So cute!

The stomach flu hit our house this week. Bobby had it for a few days and then Isabelle got it. Take it from me when I say that it is not fun waking up to your head being puked on.

Bellie did her sister's hair. 

"Don't pick your sister's nose!"