Friday, April 26, 2013


In the 6 years of our marriage, we've moved 5 times. I'm pretty sure we are over it. I'm still in the midst of an overwhelming mess, but here are a few pictures of our past week. (When the place is in order, pictures are hung, curtains are up, and rugs are down I'll post some pictures of our farmhouse.)

Babe Update

Baby #3 is growing steadily, thank God! According to the ultrasound technician, baby weighs 10 ounces and has a heart rate of 136 beats per minute. We are going to do a delivery surprise this time. Looking forward to mid-September!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New House Sneak Peek

Lord willing, in just a few weeks we will be done getting our farm house ready for us to move in! We are very excited to move out to the country and away from the city. So many blessings have come about for us over the past few months regarding our new home, that it seems unbelievable to us! Some day soon, we will sit down and write out all that has happened and the ways God has provided above and beyond for us. It's truly amazing and we are in awe of Him! Until it's finished though, I wanted to post a few pictures of our progress this far. Once we're settled and the house has had a good cleaning (!) I will post final before and after pictures.

Here is the "old" living room

Here is the "old" dining room

Here is the old kitchen

The "old" dining room that leads to the living room, upstairs, and downstairs

Here are my folks working hard in the kitchen and living room

Here is a friend of my brother's that came out one morning to help paint the living room!

Here is the kitchen in progress. I used to hate wallpaper. I take back all my hatred for it. It's been a huge blessing!


Here's my MIL cleaning the carpets (after helping me paint those dining room walls in the same day!)

My chalkboard paint matches the color of the doors in the room!  Very excited to use this to post Bible verses, menus, notes, etc.

My brother Jordan cleaning the carpets while the babies watch.

We were so blessed to be given a "U-haul Truckload" FULL of FREE furniture from a sweet woman from our church! It is truly amazing what God has done for us, I tell you!

Our "new" living room! I LOVE how this room has turned out! I couldn't have imagined how pretty it would be!

Well, that's it for now! We are in the process of getting the upstairs ready. I don't have pictures of some of the major work my FIL, BILS and husband did a few weeks ago, or what Bob and I worked on this past weekend, but man, we've got a great deal of work done thanks to our families! Our families have been so amazing to us, putting in hours and hours of work and watching our kids and so on. We are so thankful!

Cool Babes

Bellie loves her glasses that Uncle Jim and Aunt Lisa got for her awhile ago. I usually find her wearing them upside down, as this picture shows.

On this day she was pretending to leave. She grabbed her purse, waved and said "Bye, guys" and made sure to kiss Bobby on the cheek.

She loves her baby brother

These kids love their Daddy! (And not because he feeds them strawberries)

Still have work to do on the "be a lady" lessons

She climbed up in our bed and grabbed Bob's Bible. She sees him do this.

I bought her some Minnie Mouse panties for when we start to potty train her soon and she insisted on wearing all three pairs along with a pair of rubber pants. Goofy girl!

When Daddy gets home from work it's time to wrestle!