Wednesday, February 1, 2012

B(c) Minus 3 months!

Three months left until we meet our sweet boy! I can hardly wait! I'll have to settle for getting started on his Michigan State themed nursery this weekend though for now. YAY! Today was my glucola test. I'm hoping I do much better than I did when I was pregnant for Isabelle. I also haven't gained a single pound since my last appointment! Can you say miracle, cause I sure can! I'm still hoping to come in at least 20 pounds lighter this time around than last. Now, that would be stinkin' awesome.
Isabelle went to my appointment with me. Everyone at the office loves her. She was really well behaved until the doctor listened for IV's heartbeat. Then she freaked out! She had tears running down her cheeks. The doctor said that's a normal response cause babies are possessive of their mommies and if they think they're being hurt they scream. Interesting. Speaking of screaming...she is now done with her lunch and is letting me know it's time to wrap it up. Enjoy our yogurt lovin' sweetie pie.

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  1. I think I like the nickname Quad for Bobby IV. What do you think? He good job on the weight thing! Isababy is simply adorable, yogurt & all. Xoxo