Thursday, November 27, 2014

Go State!

Bob has an uncle that's a sports reporter for Michigan State. Yesterday he went to the football game against Rutgers. All I got were the pictures. Lame! I was thrilled for him, though!

On the field!

Press Box

Bob sat in the first row for the press conference. If you're a dude, you likely know these players' names. If you're a female, you know they're football players for Michigan State. #truth

Defensive Coordinator, Pat Narduzzi

Coach Mark Dantonio

Monday, November 17, 2014

November Stuff

These past few weeks have been busy. Here's a look at what's been going on. 

It'd been a while since we had seen my dad. He brought lunch over one day and we had a nice time catching up. Can you tell he brought gum?

I am taking a class through Seminary Extension that I'm enjoying. This book is very interesting. I'm thankful for my SIL Becky! She watches my kids for a few hours every week so I can study. 

My Little baby girl is definitely plowing her way into toddlerhood! Instead of two kids fighting over who gets to be closest to the running bath water, it's now three kids! She even smacks them on the head if they don't move. She really thinks that's hilarious. 

She also can now climb in by herself. Good to know. 

We've had lots of sickness around here this week. I think Isabelle's was an allergic reaction to eating almonds, but I don't know for sure since I hear the stomach flu is making the rounds. Ugh. I asked Bellie if she was feeling better. She said "this much". 

Then this much. 

And this much. 

Nearly every day I dress my children. Sometimes we all stay in our pajamas. However, EVERY day my two older kids take their clothes off and run around naked! It's a good thing our woodstove is a beast and heats our house to 85 degrees. These kids are crazy. Here they are helping me make cinnamon rolls. 

Thursday night, Ilya started getting sick. Poor baby had a fever and threw up a few times. 

She's still a happy baby when she's sick though. 

Child loves climbing on this pink doll stroller. I was drawing a bath for Bobby and came around the corner and she had used the stroller to climb onto the TV shelf. 

She uses it to climb on furniture, too. 

New winter gear from my mom. 

Kids thought it'd be fun to lay down and watch a show. I was trying to get them to take a nap since I'm on my own while Bob's at deer camp. No such luck. 

Climbing again. 

Bobby was a little fussy this morning when I tried dropping him off to his class. Since the girls were sick I'm kinda waiting for him to get it.  He started saying he needed to use the bathroom and since he's back on track with potty training I can't ignore that. So, I gave him the option of sitting with me in the service. He did very well for half the service. I was surprised at how quiet he was for a 2 year old. About 5 minutes into the sermon he told me he was ready to go play with his friends. Guess he was feeling fine. (I think he's learning how to get out of doing stuff he doesn't want to do. I told him it was time for bed and he told me he needed to throw up in a bowl. He then ate a snack and said he was feeling good. Stinker!)

And again she's climbing. 

Grandma came to visit. 

The good news is that hunting is obviously going the way we'd hoped! 

Isabelle says they're dancing.