Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby List

I think the nesting mode has definitely set in. My mind is constantly daydreaming about the things I need to get done before the baby comes. I only have a little over 9 weeks left! I'm so relieved that the nursery is pretty much complete. We have been so blessed to have been given a TON of baby boy clothes from some friends from church. The dresser is chuck full of clothes and there's a stack of boxes along the wall full of more clothes! With both our babies, God has blessed us immensely with the gift of clothing. The only clothing item that we've had to buy is that winter coat mentioned in my last post. Wow! (That reminds me of another way God blessed me with clothing....a few years ago, my SIL Hez knew that I wasn't able to buy some clothing that I needed, so she prayed for me, and out of nowhere I was given several bags and boxes of clothes and shoes and was amazing!)

The other night I decided to make a list of things I need to get still, and I was shocked that the list was so small. We are truly blessed.

I had a cousin die of SIDS in 1996, so I'm slightly obsessed with making sure that everything will be safe for my boy. I've seen a couple people use this newborn rocker sleeper for their infants, and the fact that it has the baby sleep in an upright position makes it a must have for me!

I have always wanted to have a baby monitor movement sensor system for any boy child God might give me. This will ease a lot of anxiety for me, I know.

This pillow is something I think will help me during the nighttime feedings. It'll give me the convenience of staying in my warm bed (!) and help me to be awake enough to lay him back in his sleeper so that we don't do the co-sleeping thing again. Don't get me wrong, I loved the convenience of it, but I think it's best that I not do that again because of the transition issues I've had with Isabelle.
I've gotta get a double stroller!! One with a big basket, too, for my multiple diaper bags I may have to carry.

Some other things I need to get done before baby comes: (these are fun)
  • Pack the diaper bag for Bobby
  • Pack the diaper bag for Isabelle
  • Pack my hospital bag
  • Pre-register at the hospital
  • Finalize plans for Isabelle during the hospital stay
  • Wash bottles (hopefully not needed) and "milk-harvester" parts (HA!)
  • Sew curtains and diaper stacker for Bobby's room
  • Pick out a Bible verse for the wall in Bobby's room.
  • Buy and paint wooden letters of Bobby's name and hang them up with cute football ribbon from Wal-mart, Joann's or Meijer.

 Now for the other "not so fun" list of household chores to be done:
  • Organize cupboards in kitchen
  • Deep clean a few more times
  • Get Isabelle's room back in order (she has no crib or dresser at the moment, but we have both being given to us in the near future)
  • Make sure the house is cleaned every night before going to bed for the final 2-3 weeks.
  • Make a few freezer meals for convenience.
Time's going to fly by, I just know it. Feels like yesterday was just September 2nd and I found out I was pregnant. I can't wait to hold my sweet boy!

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  1. I can't wait to hold him either! I'm so excited for you. I know you'll get it all done. I'd love to be part of your plans for Isabelle while you're at the hospital, or at the hospital if you want. Let's hope he's born on a weekend! lol