Friday, February 22, 2013

Pre-bath fun

Sue gave me some number cookie cutters for my birthday, so I used them when I made Bellie lunch yesterday. I went over the numbers with her. I'm surprised because someone has already taught her to count to ten. She does so using her fingers. It's really cute. The only problem was that I was picking up most of these little breaded numbers off the floor. She ditched the bread for the ham and cheese inside.

Since the kids both needed baths after lunch, I decided to grab the finger paint and let them play in the bath tub with it. Next time, I shall use a cruddy towel, not one of my nice ones. What was I thinking?! Good thing the paint is washable. They both seemed to love making a mess painting.

A couple dots of paint. Bobby started right in. Bellie was more concerned about it getting on her hands.

Right about here was when she got the idea to rub some of that paint off her hands and onto her brother!

Cute, messy hands.

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