Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Brother/Sister wrestling has begun! This little area in the kitchen in one of their favorite places to play. They play hide and seek type games there. When one of them comes around the corner, the other one just laughs and laughs. They even take turns being the one to stay in the corner or leave.

Bobby and Aunt Becky taking a nap. Beck is the Bobby whisperer when it comes to getting him to go to sleep.

Bobby and Emery with their favorite Aunt Beck.

On Monday morning, this girl was all about messes! I had a work meeting that we were getting ready for, and just as I was walking out the door I got a message that it had been cancelled. So, I had to make a quick phone call and as I did, this girl managed to dump out a bottle of ginger root pills that my MIL had given me over the weekend (and I hadn't taken out of the diaper bag). Once I got that cleaned up, I noticed Isabelle was hiding. So, what did I find? She had gotten the jar of sugar off the table, opened it, and was eating it by the handful!

I got the sugar put away, and while I was taking care of that, she grabbed the cereal off the table and spilled it all over the living room floor. I'm really glad I have my phone to document this stuff.

This morning, as I was washing dishes she grabbed the brown sugar and dumped it all over the living room floor. She came running to me with two huge chunks of it, and lots of crumbs around her lips and on her hands. *Note to self: Start watching her more closely! Good grief!

Bellie helped me make chocolate chip cookies, and as a treat, I let them lick the beaters. (Don't worry, it was an eggless recipe, so no harm there.) Another Note to Self: Eggless chocolate chip cookies are disgusting. Don't waste your time.

Twice this week, Bellie has taken one of her dolls and put it in Bobby's bed, covered it with his blanket and told it "night-night".

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