Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fun Times

If all goes as planned, these 38 acres of God's green earth will soon be ours! Can you see the house? I am looking forward to moving there!

Sometimes I just have to thank God for recipes that are so simple that I can handle them. This is one of my new favorites. Gruyere cheese is delicious! Even Bellie likes this soup. Score!

Hot stuff for a two year old.

A friend from church has given us alot of clothes for Bellie. It's such a huge blessing! In fact, most clothes we have for our kids have been given to us from church friends. God sure takes great care of us! I love this outfit because she is pink all the way to her shoes!

Gotta love that she still smiled when she looked away!

Italian bread crumbs took the place of snow for this angel.

Her dad and I like to stare at coffee, too!

Hiding with the loaf of French bread

Bellie and Daddy always hold hands when we're in the car. On this day, we were heading to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet! Delicious.

Daddy and Bellie playing "Elmo's song"

You know it's cold when....

So thankful he is their father!

Sweet 9 month old!

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