Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family Babies

We are so thankful God moved us closer to our family. It is so nice to see our babies recognize their family. Sunday morning, they loved banging on the piano with Aunt Becky before band practice.

Good thing we have helpers to drink our coffee around here.

Bellie shared her coloring pages with her brother. It was cute to see her pull up the chair and sit there for a few minutes.

How many containers of oats have been wasted in the last few weeks? Let's not talk about that. She sure has fun playing with them though. She picked up a handful and said "Play, Mommy" and threw it at me.

I love when they play quietly.

I thought a fort might be a fun idea. They liked it for about two minutes until Bellie pulled it down.

While I cleaned out the refrigerator, I used one of its drawers to hold snow for Bellie to play in. She had just woken from a nap and wasn't thrilled to have to be playing on her own. When she did finally play, she wouldn't leave her gloves on and kept crying because it was cold. Another failed idea.

Aunt Rae and Emery visited us on their way home from Emery's doctor's checkup. She's 6 months old already!

I think Bellie loves Emery more than her little brother. Aunt Rae said it's probably because she doesn't have to share with Emery as much as Bobby. Ha!!

Cute Paci face!

Somebody's been hanging out with her toddler cousins! Sitting up and drinking out of a cup at 6 months!

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