Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter weekend was a great one for our family. On Thursday, Bellie and I packed up and headed to Grandma Susie's house for a few days. Bellie got to hang out with her cousin and grandparents and aunts and uncles. I got to relax and hang out with my SILs. It was wonderful! Aunt Hezzie planned an Easter egg hunt for the little girls and it was so cute to watch! Thank you, Hez!!!
On Easter Sunday, we had a great church service and went out to lunch at O'Toole's restaurant. We were searching for an easter brunch, and happened to remember that O'Toole's offered one. So, we got there and found out that it was reservation only. But, the staff said we were early so if we could get in and out in 35 minutes, we were welcome to come and eat! So, we said "heck yeah!" It was delicious, too! Chocolate and caramel covered pancakes and waffles, man so much stuff, I was chowing down! The only problem was that our little Bellie decided to be a handful and be really loud and fussy, so it was probably good that we had a time limit. Bob and I said that we used to remember getting annoyed when other people's kids were naughty in the restaurant, and then we realized that yesterday we were "those people". He said someday we'll look back on this moment with fond memories, but not right now. Haha! 
We came home, took a 2.5-3 hour nap (hallelujah!) and headed over to Hudson's for a great night of fun! Did I mention they spoiled Bellie with a wonderful Easter basket full of goodies?!! You guys are the best! Thank you!
Here are a couple pictures of our weekend!

Grandpa and his grandgirls.

Dress up time with Cousin!

Easter egg hunt fun!

Ducky bubbles.

Aunt Hez and Bellie

Bellie's basket from Uncle Jim and Aunt Lisa

My niece, Gabby, in her Easter dress

Niece, Gabby, and nephew, Isaiah

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