Friday, April 13, 2012

Pray for Gabriella

Please pray for my little 4 year old niece, Gabriella. She's in the hospital and doctors are trying to figure out why she's sick. Poor sweetie!
It's been a hospital sort of week for our loved ones! Isabelle's favorite Uncle Jim was in for a few days. We're praying for you, Uncle Jim!!

Just an update on Baby Sweetie's sleeping in her own crib. Last night we had the best possible night ever! We filled the crib with a few of her favorite stuffed animals and about 9 pacifiers. She woke up but never cried and played with her toys and then fell back to sleep and didn't wake up until 8am! Praise the Lord!! We are so thrilled! When I picked her up this morning, through her tears, she was showing me all her toys! Too cute! We love our girl!

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  1. Praise the LORD for her good night's sleep! Good job, guys!