Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

        We had a great weekend together as a family of 3. It, of course, would have been better if a certain little boy would have been born, but that's alright. 
I was able to finish up the nursery this weekend, with one day to spare! A wonderful lady from my church, who happens to be my sewing teacher, made me the diaper stacker and baby sling. I was so thrilled to get them! I couldn't stop looking at them. Haha!

Here's the verse on the wall. God gave this verse to Bob's mom for her grandchildren, so I love reading it.
 It was mostly a laid back weekend. Bob didn't have to work on Saturday (hallelujah!), AND he finished up his last paper for school on Friday, so we got his undivided attention and it was marvelous! (Thank you, sweetie!)
Bellie is such a daddy's girl. She loves when he's here to play with her. He had to change his guitar strings this weekend, and she just wanted to be near him.
  We went for a walk yesterday (2.6 miles!!), and it was so precious to see the two of them holding hands (or fingers). It just makes my heart melt!

My nesting has really kicked up a notch. I can't keep my house clean enough. After my 2.6 mile walk, I did a nice deep clean on the house, which it really didn't need, cause I have probably deep cleaned it 3 times this week. LOL Needless to say, I can barely walk today. I'm definitely going to need an epidural. (For my bone pain, forget muscle pain!!) Man, my body is a piece!

As for an update on Bellie's sleeping...well, she's still waking up a few times during the night. It's so weird how for a week straight or so, she slept all night. Now she's waking up earlier and earlier. One interesting thing though is that I went in and changed her and laid her back down (which she screamed about) and as soon as I shut the door, she stopped crying, laid down and went back to sleep. Last night, I almost ruined our progress, because she woke up around midnight and I went in there to change her and decided to bring her downstairs and hold her until she went back to sleep, then try to lay her back down. Well, then she just wanted to play. She kept getting down and going back up the stairs. So, finally after 45 minutes, I just said to myself "Self, what the heck are you doing?!" (haha, that's funny right there..) and I laid her down in her crib. As soon as I shut the door, she laid down and went back to sleep until 5ish. Good grief! She did end up going back to sleep though and woke up around 7ish.


We enjoyed a fabulous lunch with some pretty great friends yesterday, and overall just had a splendid weekend.  Hopefully this upcoming weekend, we'll have a little boy in our house! Ah!!!

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