Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Fever

It's been beautiful outside over the last few days. We've had lots of fun playing outside or going for walks. I've definitely got Spring fever. It's been nice to get fresh air and get out of the house. I actually am not a big fan of going for walks by myself. I happen to be a really big wuss. Anytime anyone walks past me, I think they're gonna kill me. I always imagine some sort of kidnapping happening and with the current shape and size I am, there's no way I'd get away! Ha, yeah, I have an active imagination unfortunately. But, I have good reason to walk. Bob made a deal with me. If I walk 15 minutes a day, I can have coffee creamer. Totally worth it!

I guess this is the scariest thing I saw on my walk! Really, people?! What went through my mind was "It's almost St Patty's day, not St Panties day!"

Isabelle is now 14 months old. She's 20.5 pounds and walking all over the place. She's learned how to fake cry. It's pretty convincing actually. There have been several times when I think she is sobbing, then I realize she's actually just yelling loudly to get my attention and there are no tears, and in fact she's actually doing something else and just making noise. Tricky girl.

Bob's uncle brought up a crib for us to use for her, so we set that up and moved her mattress into the room. It didn't work that great in our room anyway. So, I figured might as well move it back. I bought a night light for her room so that she can see her pacifier during the night and try to go back to sleep. So far it hasn't worked either. Eh, story of my life. She ends up in her crib for about 2 hours and then when she wakes up, I just end up getting her and bringing her into our room. I'm so out of it during the night. That's gonna have to change though. Speaking of change, I decided to try to get her to one nap a day. We started Monday and so far, it's's going. She barely lasts til nap time and is extra fussy. But a couple good things have happened. Her naps have been almost 2 hours, and this morning she even slept until 8am. Crazy.

Isabelle loves Elmo. She loves her video from Uncle Jim and Aunt Lisa. Yesterday I had to work for a good portion of the day, so I sat her in her brother's Michigan State chair and gave her her Elmo and put the video on. She enjoyed it! For about 5 minutes though...she started crying cause she couldn't get out of her chair.

Funny story, today I am making a chuck roast on my kitchen table. Well, apparently the fruit bowl that sits on our table is a little too close to Isabelle's high chair. I had just given her a cheeseburger for lunch and a few slices of ham, and turned away to make some celery with peanut butter, and noticed this:
This girl and her bananas!

She was proud of herself!
 Finally, last Saturday I was about to my wits end. For the past 2 weeks, we had been mainly confined to our house because of all the sickness, and Bob had a ton of homework that he needed to work on, and I was just itching to get out of the house. I was feeling down and discouraged and was just a plain ol' hot mess. To top it off, Isabelle was really sick with a bad cold (She tested negative for RSV and flu) and had a cough that just sounded painful and a fever that we were managing with alternating tylenol and ibuprofen since Tuesday. She broke it a few times, but it would always come back during the night, which is pretty typical I hear. Anyways, Bob could sense that we really needed him, so he suggested we go to Lansing for the day. Wow, I just gotta say that he's brilliant! It was exactly what I needed. We went and spent some time with my dad and then over to his parents house and hung with them and Rae and Ivan. We've never taken a spontaneous trip to Lansing, so this for me was just splendid. He really gets me, and I'm blessed by him more every day!

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