Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sick "Week"-ling

We are all starting to feel better finally. All three of us were sick this week, and boy did it take us out of commission for a few days. Bob and I both had the flu which has turned into a cold, sore throat and all, and Isabelle, well you already know how her week went. On Thursday, it got a lot worse for her. Thankfully Bob was home though. He ended up spending several hours in the ER with her because her stomach was really bloated and rock hard and she wouldn't stop screaming. Turns out she was very constipated and her belly was full of gas. The doctors said that's likely why she was throwing up and sick all week. She's doing much better now, thankfully.

Today she and her daddy and I ventured outside for about 5 minutes. It's freezing out, but Bob wanted to trim our cherry trees. So, we had a fun few minutes. She's such a Daddy's girl. She has really grown attached to him, especially this week since he's been home with us, and she wants to be wherever he is. It's precious! If he tries to give her to me, she throws a fit cause she wants him. I think it's so cute!

Wednesday night, before the flu punched me in the face or gut, whatever...we went to youth group. It was my turn to come up with the games. I picked out a few good ones. I didn't know it, but that night was also taco night, so the kids were given a complete taco meal and dessert of brownies and ice cream before game time. My games included food, too. I guess I'm lucky none of them puked! The first game was to see who could eat a burger the fastest with no hands.

The second game they had to pick a partner, lie head to head, and feed one person a jar of baby food. I picked good flavors (peach, bananas, etc).

The third game was 2 teams gathered around a mat and the first team to eat the french fries (no hands again!) won.

Poor kids!

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