Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fun Weekend

Isabelle and I had a pretty eventful weekend. On Friday we spent the day with my mom, her husband, and my brother and went to the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mount Clemens. We had a lot of fun shopping and just taking our time to look at everything. We spent about 3 hours there and by the time we were done, it was hard for me to walk, being 35 weeks pregnant....but it was worth it! After that we went to my grandma's house to visit her and my aunt.
Once we were done there, they dropped us off to my in-laws house for the weekend. My SILS and BILS came over, too. I let Isabelle stay up really late all weekend so that the family could enjoy her. (She is making up for her lack of good sleep right now!) One thing I noticed this weekend was that she seemed to be a lot more comfortable with everyone. She did fine with mostly anyone holding her and it was really neat to see. She's growing up so quickly and I'm loving it!
Grandpa found the way to her heart. Cupcakes!

Walking with Aunt Beck and Grandma Susie to the car after church
She loves to sing to the "Fishes" song from the Elmo video that Uncle Jim and Aunt Lisa got her. There have been times when she's almost asleep for her nap and hears that song come on and wakes right up to sing it. Precious!

Sunday I got to sing during the "C" service with the worship band! Man, how I miss CSC and especially singing with Beck! It was great fun to worship God together with my family, as well!

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