Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Community Youth Day

My sister-in-law is a Veterinarian and every year the clinic she works for has a day for families to come visit the animals. We went last year, but for some reason I don't have any pictures of it. So, this year I do.

Checking out the frog. All three weren't quite sure about it.

Isabelle, Bobby and their cousin, Emery.
One of the items in the gift bag was a stethoscope. The kids have had alot of fun checking out each other.

Emery's stethoscope was hard at work. Almost every animal she saw she checked out.

The Mooville Ice Cream was a big hit for everyone! We noticed that the area was very quiet because everyone was eating ice cream.

The gift bag was full of lots of goodies. The crayons and coloring book came in handy because we were ready for them to sit down for a few minutes! Sue and I did a lot of chasing! (oh...and Ilya even sat upright for an extended period of time! That was the longest period so far.)

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