Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bobby is 2!

Bobby turned two on Thursday, May 8th. Here are a few things to remember about him at this age. 

He weighs just under 30 pounds and wears size 4 diaper and size 24 months clothes.

He is a picky eater! He doesn't like meat very much, but will eat it occasionally. He likes oatmeal for breakfast every morning. He likes salad with dressing. He likes pizza. He likes treats. That's about all I've figured out. 

He loves his sisters very much! They both love him, too. Isabelle refers to him as "my Bobby". They fight a lot, too, but they are always keeping tabs on each other. He calls her "Bababelle". He's very sweet with "eeya".

He loves Thomas ("Tah-nah") the Train, but prefers only one or two certain episodes. He's afraid of several other episodes, especially the ones that feature a rap song. He runs screaming from the room. 

He loves Lucy, our dog. He calls her "Whoo". I figured out he calls her that because when I whistle for her, that's what he thinks I'm saying. "Whoo-ooo, 'mon-- Lucy, come here".

He says several words. Too many to count. Every day he says something new. He loves to sing. He often sings himself to sleep. He knows several songs, and recently started singing Isabelle's princess songs. Poor kid.

He is crazy about his aunts and uncles, especially his uncles. I hear him often pretend that he's talking to them on the phone. 


He knows the tune to the ABC song, but that's about it. He can count to ten, although he prefers to skip a few numbers. His favorite word is "no."


He is Daddy's boy! When Daddy is around, he doesn't need Mom! He also likes to make us laugh.
He is a silly boy!



We are so thankful that God gave him life and added him to our family two years ago. 

Click here to see how much he's grown since his first birthday.

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