Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fun Start to the Holiday Weekend

I was browsing through my blog this week and realized that we have had our dog Lucy for a year now. It was fun to look at the old pictures and see how much both the kids and the dog have grown since last May. Lucy has been a pretty good dog. I don't really like dogs, but she's ok.

Silly buddy has been all about sunglasses this week. One night he even slept with the pair he got from Bob's work. He usually puts them on upside down.

One convenient thing about a portable potty chair is that it really does go everywhere.

Friday night Bob came home from work a few hours early and we were trying to think of something fun to do. We decided on taking the boat out, and got all packed up and then found out the battery was dead. So, we changed plans and went to a local park and out for ice cream (1st!) and then dinner. It was a fun, spontaneous night for our family. Lucy thought she'd get to go, too. She climbed in the back and laid down and I almost didn't see her. Silly dog.

Daddy was teaching them how to spit into the water. HA!

I snapped this picture about 2 seconds before her pants completely fell down. Poor kid is so skinny that a lot of her pants are too big for her.

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