Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Bellie is growing so quickly. I wanted to jot down a few things to remember about her. I really enjoy this stage because she's learning so many new things and saying some of the funniest things.

She loves Spider-man! My friend, Christina, has three sons and her younger two love Superheroes. So, when they visit, we often watch some sort of superhero show. I didn't know Isabelle was paying attention to them actually. She's been so interested in princesses lately, that I find it hilarious that she even chooses Spider-man over princesses. She has been battling a bad stomach bug the last two weeks, so one night I took her out to McDonald's and she was thrilled to get a Spider-man happy meal.

Uncle Jim and his family went to Florida recently, and he waited in line so he could get this picture for her! Just another reason the Hudsons are the coolest people ever! (Isabelle is seeing this picture again and currently going crazy!)

Bellie had her 4th round of the stomach flu this past Sunday, so she and I were up half the night and stayed home from church that morning. We slept until 11am and went for a walk once she was feeling a little better.

I made a cake for Bobby's birthday and this little girl wouldn't stay out of it! Several times I caught her up on the counter or hiding behind the dishwasher eating away at it.

Sunday night, we went to a local school so Bob and my brothers-in-law could get some exercise. Becky and I walked the track with the kids. Isabelle had been playing with a sock at our house and I let her bring it with us to the track. I hadn't been paying attention to what she had been stuffing in the sock, so as we were walking, I told her to show Aunt Becky and me what was in there.

There was a wipe, train track, fork, two pairs of panties and some play dough. Ah, three year olds. They are quite entertaining!

Lastly, here are a few Isabelle quotes that I've been jotting down. (I may have already posted about this, I can't remember....)
  • When we were driving one night she said, "Mommy, turn on the light, I can't see the trees!"
  • She was coloring and a crayon rolled away from her on the table...."Crayon, don't run away from Isabelle!"
  • I gave Bobby a special treat and she told him "Hurry up before Isabelle eats it."
  • While I was giving Bobby a haircut she was saying "Bobby, you don't have any hair left!"
  • She was in her carseat and said "My foot is dizzy. I want to take off my boots."
  • We have been praying for her tummy the last few days and today she said "Mommy, I want to pray for my tongue. I just bite it."

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  1. I miss that sweet girl!! I can't believe how fast time is flying!!