Friday, December 20, 2013

December Fun

This is a pretty typical sight around our house. The kids love their dad...and oatmeal. (Only when he or their grandpa fix it. They don't care for the way I fix it, I guess.)

I spent the whole day baking on Saturday. Bellie fell asleep on the way to the store Friday night. She usually doesn't stay asleep though, so I was surprised she slept the entire time we were there. Good thing I learned from Rae and Emery how to make a cart comfortable for a sleeping kid. Haha!

It snowed a lot over the weekend! This was the third time the walkways had to be shoveled before the second service Sunday morning. 

One morning Isabelle and Bobby were playing. Isabelle covered Bobby up with a blanket and patted him on the back and kept saying "Bobby wake up and see daddy and Iba." (notice she didn't say anything about Mommy.) One night when we laid her down at bedtime Bob told her that she would wake up and see mommy and daddy, so she asks us every night if that will happen. 

I was washing dishes one morning and went to check on the kids and found them like this:

I asked Isabelle to pick up her toys and she did. I thought it was great how she stuffed them into separate little containers. Whatever works!

Little eyes are always watching! Geesh. 

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