Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Parties 2013-Part 2

The ice storm on our anniversary really took its toll on our families this week. Our parents were without power for most of the week. (In fact, it's Saturday morning and some are still without power.) We were blessed to have power, so we were happy to host our parties.

One of my favorite things about the party with Bob's family is the homemade eggnog Sue makes every year! It's so delicious!

Sweet niece, S.

Our party with Bob's family happened a lot earlier in the evening than is typical. I wondered how the little ones would do staying awake so late. Thankfully, we didn't have to find out this year, which is probably good. As you can see, it was probably only 7pm in this picture and Bobby was already getting cranky. Who knows what kind of meltdowns would have happened at 10pm!!

I love her sweet little face. My kids love their uncles.

Ivan caught the tree before it fell over. This tree happened to fall over a few times this year, so it was taken down before 9am on the 26th. Stupid thing.

Last year, Bobby was only 7 months old at Christmas time, so he had a lot of fun opening presents. Well, actually, he had a lot of fun standing on his presents.

Present opened. Still wanted to stand on it.

Christmas Day we went to Bob's grandparents for a few hours.

My matching girls, Bobby and me, Rachel and Emery, and cousin Crystal and Vincent.

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