Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Isabelle

Our Bellie girl turned 3 years old on Saturday, the 11th. We had a great time celebrating her! All week long she asked if it was time to make her birthday cake and have her birthday party. She also sang happy birthday to herself quite a bit.

Her party started when my dad stopped by. He gave her a soccer barbie. He's been a soccer coach for years and said he's looking forward to teaching her to play the sport.

I used Becky's cricut machine and supplies to make Bellie's banner. Thanks, Beck!! 

My mom bought Isabelle a vintage Easy Bake oven a few months ago. I hadn't gotten it out yet, but I figured her birthday was the perfect time to have her make her first cake. Bob's mom helped her make it.

Grandpa and Ilya

Emery liked the cake.

Notice the toddlers as they flock to Bob in the next few photos.

My mom brought a present that had Dum Dum suckers and chocolate kisses taped all over it. The kids LOVED it. At one point, Bobby had three suckers in his mouth at once.

Later that night, Rachel and I took Emery and Isabelle to the circus. The girls were great, and it was neat to see them enjoy the animals.

Our girl can be such a ham sometimes. She has a serious love for gum, too.

Her first birthday.

                              These two!


And finally, one of the coolest things about Isabelle's birthday was a greeting we got from Uncle Jim. Last month we sent him a video message from Isabelle for his birthday, (see here). So, he sent her a video message for her birthday. (which she has requested to watch several times and sings along with him.) Jim, thank you-you're awesome!

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