Friday, January 17, 2014

January Fun

I love watching Isabelle grow. One of my favorite things to see is how she plays with her dolls. She is very sweet and motherly with them and likes to include them whenever she can. This means they sit at the table for meals a lot these days. 

Speaking of tables, Isabelle's birthday present from my mom was a princess table and two chairs. They have come in very handy this week! The kids use them for meals, pretend tea parties and for climbing and jumping off. 

I decided to try to get the living room and dining room vacuumed while they ate their lunch sitting at their table. They decided to help me out by putting their dishes in the sink. On a side note, I've gotten good at jumping over gates, taking pictures, and getting after my kids all at the same time! Multi tasking at its finest. 

We went to Walmart the other night as a family. The kids and I haven't been taking many trips to the store lately for a few reasons. One being I like to buy things. Two being I have two loud and busy toddlers. I've let Isabelle have a little freedom the last few times we've been out. She is very good at shopping. I can tell because there are typically 25 items in my cart that I didn't put in there. She's a natural. Sometimes even she knows she has taken it too far. The scrubbing bubbles just did her in. She put herself in time out! I had to take a picture because I'm sure that a 3 year old has never done this before. I told her she can put herself in time out whenever she wants to. Just kidding. 

I came across a resume while I was working of a person that worked at this car dealership. Very cool name!

These three and their noodles. See my twitter account for a pretty funny video of them eating. 

Little buddy is growing more fond of his baby sister every day. In fact, for a few weeks he said his name was Ilya when I asked him. His second answer was James. Third was Bob. Now he's down to just Bob. 

He's a Bob who likes da da da.... or special treats (birthday cake) as I understand him to say. 

I love this tiny little girl. I asked the kids who wanted to take a picture with Ilya. I didn't quite have those poses in mind. 

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