Friday, October 4, 2013

October Fun

Emery is getting big! We noticed she's likely practicing for Black Friday here. Atta girl! 

Buddy holding baby sister. 

My sweetie is drumming. Yet another great talent God has given him! The kid is full of so many, it's ridiculous. 

My dad's life group multiplied and he is now a LG shepherd. It really is great to see how God has worked in his life the past few years. 

They just looked so big to me when they stood there, so I had to take a picture. 

Good swaddling!

Love living in the country. 

Buddy pestering both sisters in one photo. Pacifier/potty chair thief!

Teaching Bellie to play hide and seek. Here is her first "hiding" place. 

A baby cousin was born this week. Bellie got to go see her with me. 

McKenna Grace. 

Bellie welcoming her to the world of germs. 

Bellie got to eat Aunt Amanda's ice cream. 

Little buddy got stung by a bee this week. His hand swelled up terribly!

A friend from church came over today with her children (7!) to make lunch and dinner and clean my house. They live an hour away and I'm just amazed at her effort to bless me. We had a lot of fun and it was great to spend time together! 

She gave my bathroom a serious scrubbing! It is so clean I could probably eat in there! Good grief!

Ah, how it sparkles and shines! It was covered in rust, so this is such a pretty sight!

Last thing to mention .... Cloth diapering and potty training are going surprisingly well! Whew! 

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