Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Smile, Baby!

Ilya went to church for the first time when she was just over six weeks old. She wore a yellow dress and a duck hat since I couldn't find her yellow hairpiece. She seems to have a lot of duck items. She's too cute! 

Such a pretty baby. I'm glad she's still pretty little. Hard to believe she's almost 8 weeks old already. 

My sleeping beauties...

Ilya wakes up anywhere from one to four times a night. Most times I have a hard time staying awake for the hour she's up each time, so to make it easier for me I browse Pinterest (and Craigslist, too). I found a recipe for Tuscan Chicken Soup and made it last week. Bob said it was fantastic. That's saying something. Check out my Pinterest page for the recipe. 

My mom watched the kids while we went to Life Group last week. She sent me this picture of Bobby. He's so cute. 

Bellie makes sure Ilya is taken care of. She's such a great helper. She makes sure Ilya has her pacifier or Elmo (or another doll) if she's crying. She'll say "don't cry, Ilya, Iba's right here. Iba's right here."

One night Bobby wouldn't fall asleep so I brought him downstairs for awhile. He grabbed Ilya's hand and held it for a few minutes. He's really liking her. He says "where'd Ilya go, hmm?"

Sunday afternoon football and kid watching. 

Got this costume for $4 at a huge Mom2mom sale at the Ingham County Fairgrounds. I'd been wanting to find one for the kids to have for dress up, etc. 

Ilya first smiled on Friday, October 18th. Bob's dad had stopped by and was holding her and had just asked if she had started smiling yet. I said no and within seconds she smiled widely at him!!!! It just proves that all my kids like him more than me. Haha! I've been trying every day to get her to do it again. I've captured a few good ones but nothing like that first one. I'll keep trying though!

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