Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ilya's Room

It's hard to believe lil Ilya is six weeks old already. Thank God she is still little. I enjoy her so much!

Wearing our MSU gear proudly! They might just be the cutest Spartan fans ever!

Ilya enjoying her bath with Aunt Becky. 

Bellie relaxing with Aunt Rae. 

Sunday afternoons are spent watching football and eating good food with the family. Oh, and napping. 

My girls. I have girls! Plural. Awesome!

I gave my boy a haircut. He looked so big wearing plaid and jeans. 

A lot of this happens during the day-see Bobby's face. 

The leaves are changing colors and it's a beautiful walk down our road. 

After the kids go to bed, we let the dog inside. She usually plays with the kids toys. One night she grabbed Ilya's pacifier. Ugh. 

A present from our church family. 

Finally got Ilya's room put together and moved her in there this week. So far so good. 

Watched the Tigers game at Bob's folks. Bobby talks about Ivo (and Brett) all the time. Thank God for these guys (& James) who will no doubt be great influences on my little buddy. 

Guess who got another bee sting. 

Yet another reason to keep the dog outside. 

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