Friday, May 31, 2013


Isabelle and Lucy are really good pals as you can see. They are often sitting together on the couch or laying down near a register (cool air!) together. This dog has really been a good puppy for our family. She is getting more rambunctious though on a daily basis. Sometimes I wish puppies skipped the puppy stage and went straight to ten years old.

A couple hours a week I scan hundreds of resumes online and contact people to see if they might be interested in becoming an insurance agent. Sometimes I just have to shake my head at the things people put on their resumes. It's pretty common to see people list Facebook and Twitter as their top skills. This resume however (see last point) really takes the cake.

Bob sent me this picture Wednesday night. If you look closely, you'll see deer in our field. We are loving the wildlife we see on a daily basis.

One way we see our son growing is that he's getting better at defending himself against food stealers. Shortly after I took this picture, Bobby hauled off and smacked her in the face. After I stopped laughing, I got after him. He then started laughing.

Bellie was resourceful and used a placemat as a blanket for her doll.

Working from home can be messy. The kids weren't ready for naptime yet I guess, so while they played with their toys I got an hour of work done. Then I realized the toys were really the bagels I had on the kitchen counter.

Sometimes I have three kids.

A couple times this week the babies have climbed into my lap and fallen asleep on their own. They're so sweet.

Sometimes they're troublemakers, too. Bellie has done pretty well with sharing though lately. If only she didn't share the dog food with her brother.

I love having my chalkboard. It's helps in reminding me to memorize God's Word.

Sink bath for little buddy!

Look who can get into the refrigerator herself and choose salami to eat and then eat it on the couch while sitting on the curtain that the dog keeps pulling off the window.


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