Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bellie's 2nd Birthday

Friday marked the second birthday of our baby sweetie, Isabelle. We had a lot of fun celebrating her life and thanking God for her.
Not very lady-like in her princess outfit.
She is a huge Elmo fan thanks to her Uncle Jim and Aunt Lisa and the Elmo videos they've given to her! Not to mention, Aunt Hezzie, who introduced her to her favorite song, "Elmo's World". So, I decided to have a couple family members over for cake and ice cream and decorated the place with lots of Elmo items. Pinterest gave me the food ideas.

Her birthday present from her dad and me was 2 goldfish. Elmo's BFF is a goldfish named Dorothy, so I thought it would be perfect and cheap. I'm guessing they'll last only another day or two. Good thing they're only 19 cents. 

Playing with her new toys. She is potty training her dolly. She told it to "Go potty" and then grunted! HA!

We had such a fun time with our girl. I rocked her to sleep on Friday night and couldn't help but think about how great the last two years have been with this little treasure in my life.

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