Saturday, January 19, 2013

This week in Pictures

It seems like over the last month my baby boy has really started to reach some new milestones. He's sitting up on his own for the most part, doing some reverse crawling, playing with his toys more, and eating more new foods. I'm trying to give him more finger foods so that his fine motor skills improve. As you can see, his sister is helping him eat all those peas. I know when I prepare food for him that I better make enough for the both of them.

On Monday night we visited Aunt Diana in the hospital. She's the one who made their winter hats. We had a lot of fun. Please pray for her as she has a very aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis that has really taken a toll on her body.

This week I turned 35. I had such a great birthday, and was surprised with flowers and chocolate cake from Sue and Rae. I got lots of emails, texts, twitter messages, and so on. Mom brought me a cake, too which I nearly ate entirely in two days.
I took this picture of my goofy babies and posted it with the caption "I may be old, but these two cheese balls keep me young!"

I noticed that Bellie's nurturing instincts are starting early. I love seeing her be motherly to her brother and dolls. She wrapped her baby doll in a blanket and told her it was time to go night night. Here she is giving her baby a kiss. (As I'm typing this, she is pretending to feed Bobby, me and the computer with a mirror that looks like a spoon and the doll potty chair that looks like a bowl.)

She's having a lot of fun putting things in her stroller and taking them for walks around the house. Sometimes she needs accessories to wear on her head, like a doll playpen, to do so.

She also likes to wear Aunt Diana's hats around, too.

Friday morning, Bob had just left for work and I was feeding Bobby in his high chair and I realized that it was pretty quiet. So, I went looking for my toddler and found her getting into my mascara. She kept saying "Pretty eyes". HA!

Bobby crawls backward just fine, but hasn't figured out how to move forward. I find it funny though when I see him doing what looks to be like push-ups.

This weekend my parents are taking turns watching the kids for me. Since it will be my dad's first time watching them and I'm a little nervous Bobby might scream a lot, I borrowed a pacifier from Emery for him. I asked Bellie to go put the paci in Bobby's bed. I guess she obeyed me.

Friday night we went to a Michigan State Hockey game. Although they lost, we had a great time.

Emery did great even though it was past her bedtime!

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