Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sick week

Sickness has invaded our household over the past two weeks! Boo! Bob was the first to come down with a cold. It didn't take long for the babies and I to get sick as well. Tis the season. I'm looking forward to all four of us being well again soon! Yesterday was Bob's birthday. He surprised me and came home from work early and helped me by doing laundry and dishes. Nice birthday treat for him, huh? Here's my two helpers!

Bobby is doing great with eating finger foods. Problem is, now his sister thinks she should help feed him. She's constantly putting all sorts of things in his mouth. One morning she decided to share her peanut butter toast with him. At least she's sharing, I guess.

Bobby chewing on Daddy's ear. Ouch!

When Bellie gets a fever her eyes get really puffy. I think they're really cute, but she always looks pitiful when she's sick. Poor girl. At least she was up for making silly faces during her 101 degree fever.

Such a cute sweetie!

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