Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Still no baby boy..

       BCIV is definitely taking his sweet time. Boo! But to pass the time, we've had a couple of fun days. On Monday, we went to the mall and walked several laps with Michelle and Ellie and enjoyed a nice dinner and treat out! It was great fun! Yesterday, Grandma Susie came over to visit for a few hours. Isabelle loves her grandma! I love when Isabelle is so comfortable with people that she really could careless what I'm doing or where I'm at. Call me crazy, but that's reassuring to me.

 Last night, Bob was invited to go to the Tigers game with the CEO, directors, and some leaders from his work. The tickets were in a suite and I was glad he got to go and relax for awhile. He deserves it! I told him it was funny to think that he'd be at a ballgame on May 1st, because all along I've been thinking we'd be at the hospital that day. Haha!

Isabelle learned how to climb into the bathtub today while I was in the shower. In she came, dressed in her pajamas and everything. Kinda funny. She's having lots of fun playing with all the baby equipment downstairs in our family room. She took her little pig stuffed animal and was pushing it in the swing and putting it in the exersaucer. Cute!

She's still waking up during the night. Last night it was 4am. She cried for about 15 minutes after I changed her, but did finally lay back down. And was up by quarter til 6. Like I'm often reminded, she'll sleep when she's a teenager, I guess.

Well, that's the only update for now. Happy Wednesday!

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