Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sickness Update

What a rough week we've had in our household. Two babies with fevers and mouth sores....not fun. Thank God they are on the mend after a round of antibiotics. I love seeing them return to their normal selves. Happy and playful. Oh, and rambunctious. 

Bob bought some donuts for us and one of the morning when Bellie woke up (during the 5am hour) she wanted a treat. I gave her one and she fell asleep with it. I tried taking it from her and she kept crying. I understand completely. 

Ice cream cones are $0.50 at Burger King right now, so I scrounged around some change in my SIL's car that I borrowed this week and took them to get ice cream. I figured this would feel good on their mouths. I was right. Big hit! 

They were so fussy on Thursday that I tried everything I could think of to help them. They usually loves going for walks. They liked it for about ten minutes and screamed the whole way back to the house. 

I tried letting them play outside and they only wanted to be held. 

The dog helped for a few minutes. 

As did the bike. 

On Friday they finally perked up. It was back to climbing and jumping off furniture for Bobby. I put him in the high chair with some toys while I got around so that I didn't have to worry about him getting hurt. Apparently he was ready for a nap. 

We had an exterminator here on Friday because we had a big problem with honey bees and wasps this week. Thursday night we walked into Bobby's room and there were 73 of them in there (I counted them after they were dead). While the exterminator was here, the babies entertained themselves in the cabinet. They were quiet and happy and I didn't mind one bit if they made a mess. Ha!

Speaking of mess, I was getting ready to wash dishes when my little helper beat me to it. Again, didn't mind the mess as I'm just happy to see her feeling better!

Thank God we are on the mend!

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  1. Poor babies :( So glad they're feeling better!! I hate bees, I probably would have just packed up and moved haha. Miss you!!