Thursday, July 25, 2013

Choosing a Name for Baby 3

I have always liked unique names, and Bob has always liked traditional names. I asked him to think outside the box and he definitely did not disappoint!! To give you a glimpse of how different our tastes are...I went through a list of 5,000+ girl names and liked about 50 of them. I showed Bob my list and he didn't like a single one!!

 When it came down to it, we chose a name we had talked about less than a week after Bobby was born. Haha! We had chosen Isabelle's name before my gender ultrasound and we always knew what our first boy name would be. Bob told me at one time to not even think about asking about baby names until I was almost done with my third pregnancy. After Bobby was born, we were on our way to his parents house for his graduation party and he said "So, what do you want to name our next baby?" Haha! He told me the name he heard and liked. I liked it, too, especially since its origin is Russian and I've always loved Russian names. 

Our boy name is as unique as it gets! It's no secret that we are fans of the TV show "Duck Dynasty". The name we like was one we both agreed on quickly and we planned on it being the first name. However, the plan has changed and Bob thought of another name that has grown on me alot and it will make for a strong name for a little boy. 

So, look at this precious little baby's face...

We are excited to know if this is our little boy, 

Noble Silas Carpenter

Or, our little girl,

Ilya Sue Carpenter. 

Only God, my mom, and an ultrasound tech know! We hope these next few weeks fly by as quickly as the first 32 have!!

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